The ‘You don’t look sick!’ game


We’ve all heard this phrase, and it’s a particular pain in the ass of the invisibly chronically ill and a bit of a ‘trigger statement’. There are various witty retorts to it at our disposal however – ‘Yeah and you don’t look stupid…’ and ‘Oh, I’ll try harder next time’ or ‘I know, I’m just so awesome that I can look this way and be chronically ill.’

you dont look sick awesome

Witty comebacks aside, what does ‘sick’ actually look like?

Not having any hair? Plenty of people have alopecia and have no hair and they’re not sick. Celebrities with full on flu still go on chat shows, dosed up with flu meds (amongst other less legal things I’m sure) and once they have their hair and make up done, they look the picture of health. Sometimes people rely on visual clues, if you’re in a wheelchair or on a mobility scooter then you look sick. Except…

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