Mycoplasma, Anyone?

The Challenge!
The Challenge!

So, at my doctor visit a few weeks ago, we decided to retest for co-infections. I was tested in March 2014, along with the test for Lyme disease. At that point no other infections were showing. Now, two years later, and I am still feeling like every day is a real challenge as far as symptoms go. Dr Horowitz, in his book, Why Can’t I Get Better? , examines the possibilities of other infections going on along with the Lyme. A multisystemic illness as well as approach to treatment.

We decided to  check again for the big 3, Bartonella, Babessia, and Ehrlichia.  We also decided that we check for Candida, Mycoplasma, and the MTHFR mutation. I brought these up based on Dr. Horowitz’s book. Now, in September, my doctor wanted to do a through genetic DNA test. This test would give us info on several possible MTHFR mutations, it would reveal how well I process certain medications, and it would help us know what medications, both antibiotics and pain meds, are best for me. But the insurance denied such shenanigans and with my looming deductible of like $1,200 to meet first, well I had to pass on that test, unfortunately. At least for now.

Anyway, back to this most recent visit and blood work. Results are in: none of the Big 3 were positive. No Candida issues. Cool! But, I do have Mycoplasma, reactivated EBV, and an MTHFR mutation that hinders my processing of B vitamins. Ok, ok.

I won’t lie. This information freaks me out a bit. Actually, a lot. I mean I know many people are dealing with co-infections. It’s just damn. Lyme bacteria is complex and intelligent enough on its own. Now, add Mycoplasma pneumoniae to the mix. This is the bacteria that causes walking pneumonia. And then the EBV is active, the virus that causes mononucleosis. I’m basically hosting a crazy party in my body, and I didn’t even get an invite. Excuse Me?!?

Now what? Honestly, I’m not sure yet. My doctor has this extremely annoying system where you go for your visit, then do your blood work, then wait 6-8 weeks for a follow-up appointment wherein we discuss the lab work from   2 months ago. Makes really no sense to me but then again, I’m no doctor. What I am trying to say is, she didn’t change my meds for now and I won’t see her until April. Then, I guess we talk about the co-infections.

However, a dear friend sent me Healing Lyme Disease and Coinfections by Stephen Buhner. He goes into great depth about all of the mycoplasmas of which there are several, and how to treat verbally. Some of what he goes through is the details about how this bacteria works on cells, etc. This part is very detailed and I am pretty lost. From what I have read, this bacteria is also extremely deft and intelligent as well. He states that the coinfections work synergistically. Again, WTF?!?

I’m trying to take this all in stride, research as much as possible, and understand what all of this means. Please wish me luck as I will most definitely need it.

Anyone else dealing with a Mycoplasma infection? And if so, how is it going and what is the protocol for treatment?

Please check out   Today, March 1st, the Challenge Begins!!

Hope this finds you pain free and Happy. -B

7 Comments on “Mycoplasma, Anyone?

  1. I was diagnosed with mycoplasma when I started treatment. I also have Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. My doctor incorporated treatment for the mycoplasma right off the bat and now my levels are back down to a normal level. My treatment involves pulsed antibiotics along with a ton of supplements. I was on IV dosing until last month when I switched to oral dosing. I’ve been on at least 8 different antibiotics since I started treatment last April after years of misdiagnosis. I’m know for me it’s been the combination of meds that lowered my mycoplasma levels. Hope that helps. I know how miserable it can be. Hang in there!


    • Hi lymestorm, I’ve been treating for 2 years and my doc just checked me. What numbers are considered high? Mine is about 660 for mycoplasma. The past week has been way better than the end of February! Holy cow. I hope you are healing!


      • Welllll. I have been off of antibiotics for awhile to see what was Candida and to adjust some hormones. We started attacking Lyme again with Byron White’s A-L. The current thinking is Lyme is my biggest thing. He ordered some tests. Only one back so far. CD 57 is 27 (was 22 two years ago). We didn’t get in to much with co-infections but still a suspicious eye to mold.


      • Hi Katie! What is Bryon White? I’ve been seeing it mentioned in forums. How long have you been dealing with lyme? I just hit my two years in treatment anniversary and probably been having symptoms since fall of 2009. Hope you are having a good weekend!


  2. Hi! I am just shy of two years since starting treatment. I have no idea how long I have had it…years or decades? The BW formulas are herbal and there seems to be different ones that target different things.
    Hope your weekend is beautiful as well. 8)

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