Treatment Tuesday ~ Share What Works

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The Person Next to You

No matter what chronic illness you may have, it is always nice when you find a story on the internet or meet someone in your “real” daily life that has had success in treatment.

Part of the meaning of chronic illness is that there is no cure, but you can get yourself into states of remission or control.  But what about that remission?  What about the things that you have done that have really made an impact on how you feel (in a good way!)…

checklist-clipart-ListFor today’s post, I want to turn it around on you.  No matter where you are in the treatment process, share what illness you have.  What are things that you have done for treatments that have made a positive impact?  It doesn’t have to be medications – it can be anything!  Meditation, yoga, vacation, herbs… anything!  You don’t have to be in remission, either.  If…

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