My Life is Fleeting One

Hello people, it’s been a long while. And as we all say, so much has happened and yet nothing at all has happened. First, maybe, is that indeed, I have made it to Thanksgiving break at work. This is a huge hurdle for me, and I am very grateful to have cleared it, circa 2015, with all limbs intact. There were about 3 weeks there in late September that I honestly thought I would not be able to make it, and I would have to take a medical leave; I was really worried that I was getting worse. Then, things turned around, albeit slowly. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that living with a chronic disease, things can change on a dime and they do. Although I am not a fan of this at all, accepting this as a reality has been somewhat helpful along my journey into the unknown.

Seeing another doctor has also happened. We made a 3-4 hour trip from home to the new doctor’s office a few weeks ago. The visit was a long one in which I talked too much, my husband reported to me afterwards, and we left with a few bottles of tinctures. Personally, I like this doctor, the approach to treating Lyme through more integrated and functional medicine, the way the doctor listened and validated mine and my husband’s experiences over the past 2 and a half years of treatment. I have stopped the abx and switched over to the herbal drops. The goal is to get to 25 drops 2 times daily. Right now, I’m struggling with 5 drops 2 times a day. I can do 4 and make it alright. But the past couple of days when I tried to get to the level 5, by about 4 p.m. I am herxing big time. I also have detox drops for the herxing, and I have added those as needed, but wow, there is s distinct difference, at least for my body, between the 4 – 5 drops. We are working on it. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! This break I’ve been able to do a few things I normally can’t / don’t do while working such as, and don’t laugh: grocery shopping, house cleaning, pie baking, dinner out, laundry – lots! While most of these things are not huge in any way, I have just not had the energy to do them much while working. And I actually did some simple Christmas decorating! It really has been pretty awesome getting to do these things without feeling so fatigued and overwhelmed. While several of these afternoons and evenings I have been in bed with nausea and headaches, I still feel like I’ve had some of the best days I’ve had in a very long time. I know I have pushed myself a little much, and I’ve eaten several slices of pie, pumpkin and apple, so my sugar intake is in the red, but it’s all been worth it! I feel like I have been partying it up, people!

Best wishes to you and to yours, -B

First Aid Kit

P.S. The above band is worth checking out. This song, “Fleeting One” is stuck in my head. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “My Life is Fleeting One

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I can can relate to much of what you said about Lyme disease.

    I’m curious what herbal regimen you are on. After one long year on antibiotics I did a year on the Lee Cowden herbal protocol. It help me gain strength and my pain improved also in the spring, until I was bit by another tick this summer.

    I’m glad that you are feeling a little better and hope that your health continues to improve. Thank you for sharing your story!


    • Hi Lori! I am so sorry you were bit again. That is terrible. Have you started treating again? I have no idea when I was bit. My health began to cycle from good to really down times; at first, I was diagnosed with chronic EBV. So for about 4 years, these cycles continued and then my body crashed. I have been treating almost on-stop with antibiotics for 30 months. But for about the past 9 months, not much has changed so I started seeing another doctor. I am on BB-1 drops right now. I am just starting out. She said it was like the Buhner protocol but without all of the pills. I am up to 7 drops 2 times a day. My doctor wants me up to 25 drops twice daily by March. If i get there sooner, I move to BB-2 and also anti-viral drops for the Mycoplasma and EBV. So how are you doing? I hope this finds you well and in good spirits! Please feel free to email if you want to chat more! Take care.


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