Yesterday was one of the most sucky days I’ve had in awhile with this Lyme lifestyle (ha ha. As if and if only!). I was in a flu-like state for almost 12 hours straight with sincerely no relief. The only thing I could do was lay in our very dark bedroom with my eye sleep cover on and stay very still. Moving at all only increased the nausea and the abdominal cramping. The only solace I experienced was the snuggling shared with me by our 3 Chihuahuas.

But today, life has been looking much better. I was able to be up all day, cleaning the house, organizing and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow after a long break.

Even better, after a year and a half of blogging my ever so minute trials and ramblings, you, readers, have helped me conquer my goal of reaching 700 audience members. In fact, just now, we have a wonderful group of 820!!  OMG. I am so very delighted and humbled. Next threshold, let’s take 1,000! Lock and load!

I thank each and every one of you for deciding to use your valuable time taking a shot with me and this blog, but thank you especially for reading, for opening your hearts and minds, and for listening. I am filled up with joy and with gratitude. You’ve made my weekend, and so far, my year! 🙂

Best wishes to you, my people. Be good to yourselves and never stop feeling the wonder. XXOO – Belle

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