New Symptom, Or…?

Lyme disease affects each person in a variety of ways. It manifests itself differently and thus, this makes it even harder to diagnose correctly and treat correctly. Lyme disease is frequently called the great imitator. In many cases, Lyme is misdiagnosed as Lupus, MS, CFS, and FMS, along with several other illnesses.

For me, when I was so very sick, some of my more prevalent symptoms included neck pain, daily headaches, severe fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbances, lower back pain, and nausea. I also had severe brain fog, memory issues, and neuropathy in both feet ranging up to my knees. During the course of treatment, some of these symptoms have subsided. But there sometimes are symptoms that I never had that will just randomly crop up. And I’m like, hey what’s up? Where have you been all of my life? Not.

Joint pain seems to migrate around. While my right hip was constantly in pain for, well, I don’t know, maybe the first year before and then after diagnosis? But then, for awhile in the spring of 2014 my right wrist would hurt off and on. It continued like that for about 3 months and then, bam, it was gone. My ankles sometimes will ache so badly. I bought these crazy ankle wraps at CVS. The inserts can be heated then you wrap the big, chunky, bright blue wraps around each ankle. It helps but there’s no way to wear these at work. Anyway, surely the fashion policy would stop me! I’ve taken to keeping several sizes of the analgesic patches everywhere. These work for the short term so at least they provide a bit of relief. I’ve never had knee issues which is interesting as this seems to be a classic symptom of people with Lyme or so the CDC says.

And then lately, my left elbow and now forearm is hurting. It started in my elbow in early November. It’s an achy and sore kind of pain. I figured it would be gone by now, but it actually these past few days seems to be getting worse. The pain is now also in my forearm. Heat helps. I’m not even left-handed. I’ve been putting off dealing with it; however, it is really is hurting almost constantly now. When I see my doctor next week, hopefully, she can help me out. Or at the very least rule out other possibilities besides Lyme.

It’s always a big surprise with Lyme! Never a dull moment! At least the daily hip pain, and the neck pain is pretty much gone now. I’m just glad that not everything hurts at the same time. When that happens, life just plain out sucks.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and I hope all my peeps up North are safe, snug, and warm. Cheers -b


34 Comments on “New Symptom, Or…?

  1. I’m sorry about your new (and old) symptoms. I found you through the opinionated man awhile back and don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Rebecca, a family member to a Lyme sufferer. I have chronic joint pain, but no cause identified so far. I hope your doctor is able to help with your new symptoms. ❤

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    • Hi Rebecca! I love when OM does sharing! I’ve connected with so many cool people! So you have to deal with one of us, huh? Has your family member been sick/treating awhile? My case is chronic so it’s been something else. I’m still treating almost 3 years after being diagnosed. Do you think you may have Lyme disease? Thank you for your comment. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better 🙂

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      • Me too! 🙂 It’s such a good way to meet new bloggers. Sure do, I think it’s been nearly a decade now. We’ve wondered and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had it too. I hope not though. 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your blog too! ❤

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  2. Is this something that eventually leaves your system? I have a cousin that was bitten by a tick and got lyme and I was wondering how long he is going to have to deal with it’s symptoms.

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  3. For me, since I’ve had Lyme in my system (unknowingly) for quite awhile, fighting this disease is taking awhile! But I was sick off and on with EBV and severe fatigue (no idea about tick bite, no rash) for 3-4 years before diagnosis and now I’ve been treating for 3 years. My doctor says the longer a person has Lyme and it is not treated the longer it will take to eradicate. I’ve also learned that if a case is chronic (like mine) I may not be able to get rid of it but I can get it into a remission of sorts. Unfortunately, there is no way to test to see if it is gone. And without more research we are all just guessing and hypothesising. How long has your cousin had Lyme and how long has he been treating it?

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  4. Do you ever feel like when your period is about to start that the joint and body pain seems to intensify? For the past couple of months, I have really really noticed this. I am guessing it’s due to hormonal changes. I can only imagine this is what fibromyalga is like… It’s horrible…

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    • Yes! EVERY symptom is way worse during PMS and period. The joint pain, headaches, and nausea are the main fare. I’ve read that Bb bacteria are on a 28 day cycle as well and because of hormones etc. we just get to feel so much worse. 😓


  5. What an insidiously evil disease. I’ve heard Lyme is rough but for it to imitate some of these other diseases has got to be a royal headache for the sufferer when trying to get a diagnosis. I hope you feel better sooner rather than later however in the interim thank you for educating us on Lyme.

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    • Hi Stephanae! Insidious is the most perfect word for this bacterial disease. It can hide and evade the bloodstream for long periods of time. It also evolves and so antibiotics must be changed out regularly as the bacteria becomes immune. It’s mind boggling. I’ve read that in PA there seems to be many cases of Lyme at this point. Be careful! Thank you for the well wishes. This has been a really tough week physically and mentally so I definitely appreciate you!

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  6. I feel for you – I know life must be extremely difficult with Lyme disease. My wife has it and has struggled for years. She is trying so hard to function with the physical pain and the mental anguish that comes from it. She is trying so hard to work on exercising to help kill off spirochetes but then her knee joints are worn down so much it hurts the knees so much. Then she works on eating less sugar and it helps the knees some when she does that. Then she uses the UV sauna which helps some. Then the depression and anxiety that come from Lyme and the accompanying unknown is unreal. I pray for you and my wife’s health and future. I update my site daily with daily physical therapy tips- I hope it can be of some minor minor help. jon PT


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