Month: March 2016

Just Because You Said It….

Doesn’t make it so! Over the past few months, this is what I wanted to say several times to a doctor I decided to “try” out. After testing CDC positive for Lyme disease again in February, even with 3 years of treatment under my… Continue Reading “Just Because You Said It….”

An Award! Oh My!

I would like to sincerely thank Lexi over at Fluff and Co for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. This recognition has made my month of March, well, even my year, so far! I’m just so excited! Thank you, Lexi! Please check out Lexi’s blog… Continue Reading “An Award! Oh My!”


Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had about 3 weeks of severe fatigue. When I haven’t been working (or haven’t been able to work), I’ve been mostly in bed or at doctor appointments. Yesterday and today were the best days I’ve experienced in more… Continue Reading “WTH?”

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