Just Because You Said It….

Doesn’t make it so! Over the past few months, this is what I wanted to say several times to a doctor I decided to “try” out.

After testing CDC positive for Lyme disease again in February, even with 3 years of treatment under my belt, I won’t lie. I was feeling really lost as far as how to progress with a treatment plan. My LLMD put me on a Z pack for 5 days and that was it. I am sure he did not want to throw me back onto antibiotics if at all possible. But still. I was really not feeling confident in what path we would take at this point in the game.


A friend of mine had recently visited a local rheumatologist. I reviewed the doctor’s website, and it actually advertises that she treats for Lyme disease. Oh, the awesome feeling I had! Most doctors know nothing about Lyme and about nil advertise Lyme on their website. Yes, to say the least, I got my hopes up. The further to fall, some would say.

And lo and behold, she knew nothing about Lyme. She prescribed me Lyrica for my fibromylgia pain on my first visit to her, without any labwork, without checking other diagnostic criteria I expected. She ordered about 15 vials of blood taken to test for other auto-immune diseases. When I told her I had been treating Lyme, she actually asked me if I had been bitten by a tick. Seriously!?! In almost the same breath, she told me that there should have been no reason for my being put on antibiotics for so long. I felt the pit in my stomach growing. I told her about  the severe fatigue I was experiencing. I brought her the bloodwork showing my CDC positive results.


Honestly, I don’t think she even looked at the lab report. I did a follow-up visit but it was more of the same. Although I was glad to know that I did not test positive for any other issues, she did not help me at all. I am not taking the Lyrica; I have decided, thanks to my 2 other doctors who do know about Lyme disease, to pursue a more natural approach to treatment.

I guess I knew that it was too good to be true that this doctor I tried out really would know Lyme. While this was disappointment, it wasn’t necessarily unexpected. However, what was somewhat unsettling is how quickly she was willing to put me on medication. Not antibiotics mind you, but the Lyrica. For  my severe fatigue, she told me to drink more caffeine. I suggested this would not be good for my adrenals and she stated that my adrenals are probably shot anyway so it wouldn’t make a difference. I was shocked. This was the last straw.

Lesson learned? This whole incident did emphasize that my 2 LLMDs know what they are doing, at least for me personally.

I hope you had a great weekend. I’m back at it; fighting the good fight. Peace – B

6 Comments on “Just Because You Said It….

  1. Just because a person has the “MD” after their name doesn’t mean they know diddly about medicine! So much depends on where they went to school and how they did while there. You are wise to sift what you hear through the filters of your own experience and common sense.

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    • You are so right, Hugh. And although in my post I was complaining, I am grateful for the doctors I do have treating me. Many others run into these same issues and have no other options. Hope your day is going well!


  2. What a line of crap!!!! Adrenals are already shot!!!! You are polite than I. I would hit the floor laughing and walk out. Drink more coffee. Wear did the go to school. Doc in a Box. Sorry you had more of the same. Have you gone to ILADS site and request a doctor in your area. Someone will take you name and number and call you back. Very protective for the Lyme doctor burning!

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    • Hi there! I actually have an LLMD here locally and one out of town. I was just feeling pretty sick and in a rut and frustrated when I tested positive again and I thought I would explore another doctor since her site stated that she treats Lyme. Yeah. No way. I’ve since seen both of my LOADs and we have a plan. I totally could not believe the doctor said that about arsenals and I have Hashimoto’s. WTH?


  3. Hi! I’m so sorry you’re struggling to find a quality LLMD 😦 I have a good one and she uses a book that, while it doesn’t directly address Lyme directly, it DOES speak to the damage that any chronic illness does to our bodies and how to repair that damage. It’s called “Healing is possible” by Niel Nathan. My MD uses this book alongside my antibiotic regimen and for me it’s been very successful. I wish you the very best; you deserve quality treatment and I hope you find it quickly.

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    • Thanks for the book recommendation! I actually do have an LLMD who has been treating me for the past 3 years. I just was in a frustrated place when testing positive again so I thought I would try this doctor since it states on her website that she treats Lyme. Big mistake. Right now, my LLMD has me on an herbal protocol to give me a break after some 30 months on antibiotic. I am so glad to hear you are making progress!!

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