Lyme Takes a Backseat

Hi there friends, it’s been a little while! These past few months have been a real challenge but I think I’m on the upswing at this point. Spring Break seemed to do a world of good for me overall. I was able to get out and do things with people, yes, REAL people, and that made for a great time. I was able to push Lyme to the back burner for a bit. It was much needed nourishment for mind and soul.

So what did I get to do during our break from academia? Funny you should ask! I made a trip to the south of here to one of what I consider to be my hometown on the Texas Gulf Coast. One of my dearest friends was back home (Texas) from Seattle visiting her family , so I traveled a few hours from here to go and spend some time with her and her family as well as with one of my brothers and his family. I was a little worried about the trip; I had been having severe fatigue for weeks before this. I was able to stay a few days, and it was great fun. Mostly, I hung out with my pal, MM, and her son, and her extended family, all of whom I have known for more than 20 years. We played games, talked, sat outside (the weather in fact was very much perfect and no mosquitos!), and ate yummy food. I also got to spend time with my brother and his family. It wasn’t a long trip, but it was well worth it.

Mid-week of break I was at home doing a few much neglected chores. You know the ones. Dusting, organizing, etc. And I was able to rest when I needed to so this made it possible for me to complete some things I just couldn’t and can’t do while working. For the most part, the weather was pretty nice! Sometimes, during Spring Break, it rains all week, but this year, the weather was perfecto. Also, our almost-baseball-team of pups received baths, nail trimmings, and haircuts!

Then there was a last minute, week end trip to the ranch of my pal MM’s brother. We all met up, her family and me and my Better Half (BH), out in the country, and I mean country as in no cell service. It was totally awesome. There were about 14 of us, kids and adults, and lots of shenanigans. Some activities included, skeet shooting, trampolining, adult beverage drinking, drone flying, and skunk hunting. And one mean game of Cards Against Humanity! All in all it was definitely an adventurous trip.

South Texas Ranch

Honestly, I think I did more socially during this break than I had the previous 3 months combined. Did I get tired out? Yep, sure did. But it certainly did my heart good to be able to do some things and be with people I love. Luckily, not many of my symptoms reared their ugly heads during too much of the break. Mostly, I savored each moment and gave thanks for everything I was able to do and for all of the amazing people in my life. *cue nostalgic music

I hope this finds you well and happy. Peace to you and yours -B


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