The Lyme and Stomach Tango

This past week hasn’t been much fun. On the positive side of it, I am having way less fatigue and exhaustion and the nausea has simmered a bit. This makes me happy. I try to center on the upside of this. But what I have learned about Lyme and its multifaceted myriad of delights is that when one thing comes under control or subsides, well, just wait; there is another wondrous ailment that will pop up. So it goes.

Today, I am missing work again. The allotted and bank of sick days is quickly coming to a zero quantity and even with the leave days added in the fall for the next school year (I am in no way complaining as it is a generous addition), I will be hard pressed to not use them all and more if things continue as they are at present. This worry must go on the back burner for now though. 

Though the nausea has subsided to a minimal issue, and I have some meds to help curtail it, instead, I am now having some serious indigestion. It happens a good 3-5 hours after eating, no matter what I eat. For the past 8 nights, the indigestion has been so terrible that it has made me wake out of a dead sleep, usually about 1-3 a.m. Am I getting desperate for relief? Yo buddy, for sure.


                             Image via  Tango Santa Maria – Gotan Project – YouTube

What are some things I have tried to do to alleviate this? I’m on a gluten free diet for the most part. I eat dinner early in the evening, and I eat smaller portions. I take my supplements and herbal tinctures throughout the day; I try to spread them out. I take a good probiotic and my LLMD has me on Nystatin, an anti-fungal. I drink a solid gallon of lemon water daily and a few cops of green tea in between. No sodas and just one cup of coffee in the morning. Alka-slezer Gold is a good friend of mine and can help minimize the indigestion for a bit. I’ve also added charcoal tablets after doing research. These can help but they cannot be taken infinitely. The meds for the nausea really don’t help with indigestion. Whole different animal, I guess.

Here’s where I am today: no food as of yet. I am presently drinking green tea with some sliced fresh ginger. Water consumption is also happening. Report? No indigestion, but tummy is unsettled and my damn head hurts. Plan for the rest of the day? Maybe try and eat some plain scrambled eggs and/or have some plain chicken broth. Then, see what happens. 

Going to the doctor is not a realistic step right now. If it gets worse, or if I can’t eat at all, then I will definitely go. It’s just so difficult to try and get in to see my LLMD here without a prior appointment. Ridiculous really. In February, when I was so sick with nausea and fatigue, I called and they told me the wait was 2 weeks to see my doctor. When I pushed them and also emailed my doctor directly, I finally was able to squeeze in a few days later. I saw doc’s PA who is a seriously an awesome person, but PA diagnosed me with the flu (I did not have the flu) and I ended up back in the office 2 weeks later. Needless to say, it wasn’t very productive on top of my feeling like total crap. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research this week on the Gut and Lyme. I realize that I am probably going to have to clean up my diet even more. After almost 3 years on antibiotics, I am sure my stomach is affected. Perhaps there is residual damage as well? I have been totally off of antibiotics since November, but I am sure that getting my tummy back to “normal” is going to take some time and serious dedication. Also, trial and error. While I did well on abx in that I did not end up with a Candida infection nor C-Diff, I really have a feeling that some of the issues I am experiencing now are due to the extended use of the abx. 

Ok, friends, I am off to make some more ginger tea and do some resting. Namaste. -B


10 Comments on “The Lyme and Stomach Tango

  1. HI there: Just a few thingsŠnot sure if you know or not:

    Gluten free packaged foods have a lot of sugar in them, so that could be giving you issues. I don¹t eat any dairy, fruits, night shade vegetables, wheat or other products made from wheat. I thought I was doing myself a favor by eating gluten free bread and crackers, but the sugar content in them is just as high as with regular foodsŠ.and we know that lyme feeds on sugar!

    Also: lemon is a fruitŠI have lots of sensitivities to all kinds of fruits and vegetables, so you may just want to switch to plain water to see how you feel. If your stomach is bothering you, the acid in the lemon might be playing a role.

    My dietician is having me eat more leafy greens‹raw spinach, kale, and other greens as a way to get needed nutrients and boost cells. Look into the leaky gut information as well as the Wahls Protocol book/dietŠ. It may just give you some other ideas to think about and try.


    From: Read Between The Lyme Reply-To: Read Between The Lyme Date: Monday, May 2, 2016 at 1:08 PM To: Joanna Teodosio Subject: [New post] The Lyme and Stomach Tango ReadBetweentheLyme posted: “This past week hasn’t been much fun. On the positive side of it, I am having way less fatigue and exhaustion and the nausea has simmered a bit. This makes me happy. I try to center on the upside of this. But what I have learned about Lyme and its multifac”

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  2. Sounds like eating has become an insurmountable challenge. Have you considered tiny portions of food that contain zero refined sugar? Medications cause holes in the gut which makes tolerating food a top priority. Every time I veer off and try to go back to my usual way of eating, I am reminded of how I cannot eat that way anymore. At all. Or I will be in lots of pain.

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    • Thanks. I am working on a gf diet. But you are right. I also need to be more careful about sugar intake from food I don’t think to check uhm like the gf foods. Oiy.


  3. I have been off abx for 2yrs and no solution but things that help me: peppermint tea, apple cider vinegar tsp in cup of water, and not eating too many greens. The last one is probably some genetic or enzyme issue but my gut has a tipping point with these.
    Good luck! 8)

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  4. Really good topic that only Lymies can understand. I’m reaching first diagnosis with LLMD. I have not stayed or even tried GF, there a few products I like. I had gastric issues before but reached a new level a couple of months ago. She put me on Protonix, I knew it worked in the past. Lyme makes what was the past is now unknown. She prescribed a liquid, not sure I can see difference when really bad. I cut, flavored teas, lemonade, coffee, fruit, certain spices, Not completely out of diet but reduced. I’m an addict for GF Pop Tarts. So much better than the ones as a child. When I am in IV Therapy 5 days a week, chock down 20-30 RX’s and 30 supplements, what stomach wouldn’t freak out.
    My Mayo gave me an aromatherapy type sniffer. Two sniff and most nausea is gone. I purchased my off Amazon. Keep in side of bead and any place it’s needed. They are expensive, worth every penny, I hate to swallow pills.
    Another great suggestion from Dr., soak feet in epson salt, it has detox factors.
    The biggest issue is not washing hair as often since you can’t get the Catheter wet. One lesson I learned trying to figure out how to wash hair more often. I bought 2 of the hair stylist drapes. I use safety pins on both drapes and make arm openings past your elbow. I’m amazed who cheap and great it works.
    Take care, we can looking ahead, one day we’ll be there.


  5. I really know nothing about this and probably this won’t be of any use to you, but I used to get indigestion frequently until I became vegetarian, and since then it has completely gone.

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    • Thanks, Mike. I was a vegetarian as well before all of this Lyme fun. I don’t eat much meat at all now really. I’ve cut out sweets, processed foods,gluten and sugar but I must be more diligent!

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  6. There are days my stomach is perfectly fine, and days I feel like I will never be able to eat again. On those days, I drink A LOT of water! I wish you luck with this issue, my friend. Hopefully, you can figure this out quickly. Thinking of you. -Suzanne

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    • Hi Suzanne! Same here! I went for about a week with the stomach and indigestion issues. I thought it would never end. And then it did. No real reason. I’m really trying to go gluten free so we’ll see. I hope you are having a good day!

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