A Husband’s Advice ~ If A Loved One Has Lyme

Wise words!

Invisibly Lyme Montana

Originally posted on Facebook on May 30, 2016, re-posted here with express permission.

This post today in a Lyme disease support group brought patients to tears. It is a beautiful tribute to his wife and a beautiful and moving way to finish Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  There are many aspects of this that will resonate with patients and loved ones, and parts and pieces that will especially be helpful for those newly diagnosed, or newly entering the world of Lyme because of someone they love that is suffering.

This was to the post by Carol McAlister, introducing the words her husband so beautifully shared to day:

My husband wrote this today. I have to share it wherever I can. Please read if you or someone you love is struggling with Lyme.
This man is my heart!❤️💚

Carol McAlister family Carol and Jason McAlister with their beautiful daughters. Jason’s advice to anyone with…

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4 Comments on “A Husband’s Advice ~ If A Loved One Has Lyme

  1. Lyme is a stinker! And thanks for liking my post about Irena’s cookbook – I would love it if you could share with your friends! It’s a good book – and she’s pretty poor:)

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