A Forced Break

Maybe a herx?


Today has been a tough one symptom-wise. Since we are on break, the last few weeks have been pretty sweet. I can rest when I need to so this helps immensely. But today. Oiy.

I’ve had overall soreness since I awoke at 5 a.m. My lower back, hips, right knee, and ankles have been aching. I canceled an appointment today because, well, yeah, I wasn’t making it. The bed has been my constant companion today along with 2 heating pads and some medication. Oh and some loyal puppies. Maybe I’m herxing. Its been a week or so since I’ve had one. IDK.

Boo aka Bipity Bobity Boo Boo!

But tomorrow is a new day. The quote above just spoke to me in all the right ways. I hope all is golden in your neck of the woods. Peace, friends -B
P.S. Pups in a row from top: Chino, Pico, Boo Boo. 😍

Author: Read Between the Lyme

A Human being most of the time. Diagnosed with Lyme disease in March 2013. My life has changed with this diagnosis and this disease. Taking it day by day with Chronic Lyme Disease, learning as I go! #Livingwithlyme

11 thoughts on “A Forced Break”

    1. Thanks, Hugh. I appreciate it. The past 2 weeks haven’t been too bad at all! But I think that since I’ve been on break, I am actually sticking to my treatment protocol more consistently and so I am having die off of the bacteria. Which is good, but it can cause many side effects.


  1. Hoping future days will be better. Having chronic back pain and arthritis I empathize with your condition. Unfortunately I still must work so no matter how painful or swollen my joints I embrace the pain and move forward. Rent must be paid and food must be purchased.

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    1. I hope for pain free days for you as well! I also must keep working. We gotta eat! I think working is good mentally for me, I just wish I didn’t get so fatigued after a regular day. Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend.


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