Be Good to YOU


So we’ve (as in my husband and I – we are both teachers) been on summer break almost a month now. It has been pure heaven. What have I been doing? Producing? Well absolutely nothing, my dear friends. I’ve had some doctor appointments, dentist, eye doc, you know, just those things that have been impossible for me to manage while working because of the massive fatigue.

But otherwise? I have nothing to show. And how do I feel about this? Delightful!! Fantastic! Superb! It is down right, totally fine. I used to feel guilty about not doing anything, or not being productive every minute of the day. I was always busy. Now, at the time, I enjoyed being active, working, exercising, socializing, and such. But Lyme disease changed all of that.

Over the years (even before I knew I was ill), I’ve struggled with a lot of guilt and angst about not doing enough (these are, of course, self imposed standards of “enough”). I would push myself, as I always have, to make “things happen,” to “get er done” as we say in Texas. While resting, I would stress out about the things I had (self imposed!) to accomplish that I hadn’t completed. Then came along nausea, headaches, joint, pain, severe fatigue. Well, all of this made for a witch’s brew of toil and trouble!

Now, I admit, it has taken time to make this change and there are still times when I click into that previous me mode, and I take it to the limit. It’s usually not a good thing though and if I can catch myself before that manic phase kicks in, well everything is better overall.ย 

Looking back over my 15 years in education (I worked 10 years outside of education so I most definitely appreciate the time off), I realize that I have worked almost every summer for the first 10 years. First, out of necessity, and then, for the extra money and experiences. These past 3 summers of Lyme have been about treating and resting. Actually, the first summer after being diagnosed I taught a 3 week class. What was I thinking? At the time, I thought, oh good, extra money and this Lyme thing will probably be done by the end of this summer after treating for about 4 months at that point. HA HA!!! That was BEYOND wishful thinking for reals!

Anyway, I know this post is kinda all over the place, but I guess one point I am trying to make is Take it Easy. Don’t Kill Yourself trying to do everything you did before. Your body has to heal. You beating yourself up about it is certainly NOT GOING TO HELP your recovery process. Believe me, I learned this the hard way.ย 




What are some ways you treat yourself well? In what ways are you kind to yourself? Please add your ideas to the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember Please:


Peace – B

15 Comments on “Be Good to YOU

  1. Great reminder. My garden has been my little pocket of joy and relaxation…I think finding little things that bring you a measure of joy outside of your illness really help to keep you grounded and give you a sense of purpose. Enjoy these summer days…school will be here before you know it! When do you go back? In my district, we go back the last week of August, and the students start that Wednesday or Thursday. I”ll be setting up my room in the weeks prior…xoxo

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    • Oh gardening is great. I concur that finding those moments of joy are the best. I try to savor them and keep them for the moments when I not feeling well. We head back August 8th for 2 weeks of proff development (stab me now please). Usually, we have one week but the state has changed student seat time requirements but our contracts haven’t changed so. Students are back August 22. What subject and grade do you teach? Apologies in advance if you’ve told me before.

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      • TWO WEEKS OF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT??? OH MY!!! How professional do they need you all to be?? It amazes me that anyone can walk out of a hospital with a baby, with the only requirement that you have the baby in a car seat upon exiting, but teachers have to have so many degrees and professional development hours…ye gads!! (That’s going to be another post soon….) I teach Kindergarten…been in the same grade my whole career with just 3 years in Prek…looking forward to getting back into my classroom. What grade are you in?

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      • Your first few sentences made me LOL. We are all dreading it. While there may be some informative sessions I’m sure, most of it will be wasted time. They try so hard to make sure we stay “busy” but then they turn around and say not to give busy work to students. When not annoyed I find it ridiculous and funny. That time could be dedicated to so many other productive endeavors. Oh well. I taught middle school Language Arts my first 5 years but then made the move to high school. I’ve taught every grade level except freshman, regular and AP classes. This next year if all goes as planned my DC has me teaching English dual credit junior classes all day. I hope it works out that way. One prep ahhhhhh! It would be awesome. We’ll see. I’m not picky. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow. Kindergarten. That takes a very special person. You must have tons of patience and love in your heart. ๐Ÿ’

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      • PD and administration the same everywhere I guess… grrrr…I was out for much of the year this past year because of my Lyme, so I am looking forward to getting back w/ my colleagues and kiddos!

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      • Sorry how you manage working. I was diagnosed early in 2013 and I used a lot of my days that semester. I’ve been able to take absences as needed but this past spring has been so difficult. Plus I’m down to zero days. It’s stressing me out. Plus even though overall I am sort of better than 3 years ago, this past year I was getting every cold or flu going around. My immune system is terrible. Did you take FMLA? If you don’t mind me asking. If you would rather maybe we can email about this instead. I’m sure you are excited to get back! I love teaching too.

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      • I had 100 days built up, so I was able to get paid. I’ve been to two different naturopathic groups, and both are helping me, so I am hoping for a better start to school. I’ve got much more energy now and can get through the day w/out a nap, so that is good…I do notice I tire a bit w/ the heat, but I expected that. My immune system is getting there; I’m on probiotics once a day as well as two different immune system supplements and a vitamin C complex as well.


      • That’s great! I’m glad you are gaining ground!! I’ll have 10 days when school begins. I usually can do OK in the fall it’s a shorter semester but the spring is killer for me. I’m trying not to worry too much about it right now but it’s hard not to. I’m doing naturals now too after about 3 years on abx. I’m using drops, probiotics, cats claw and a few others. My LLMD just started me on ATP Fuel and it has been great in reducing the fatigue! It’s like I’m surfacing from being underwater for years. I’m so glad you are feeling a little better and you have something to look forward to. It makes a huge difference at least for me.

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    • Hi Hugh, you know, it really has been a tough one for me! But, even after not doing everything I thought I should, I’m still here and I haven’t hurt anyone in the process lol so far, so good!

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