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“It’s A Scandal” -Daryl Hall on Doctors Denying Chronic Lyme –

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  1. I agree, it’s shameful that Lyme Disease isn’t recognized properly by the medical field. Without Lyme Disease being acknowledged, then that limits the research that can go into education, prevention, treatment and care.

    I am not too sure where you live, but I am in Ontario, Canada and with climate change ticks carrying Lyme disease have been spreading into areas where they never existed – that’s not a good thing, but what is good is that Lyme disease is getting attention in the media.

    It’s a start. Baby steps, I suppose.

    Stay well,


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    • Hey Harlon, I’m in the Houston, Texas area. Out of the say 15 doctors I’ve seen since this Lyme journey started for me only one doctor spoke Lyme. And she was the one who correctly diagnosed me. Otherwise, it is like a wall of silence here when it comes to this disease. Doctors are not receiving the right training, etc. Rather than doctors telling me there is no Lyme here, they seem not to really even have it on their radars. Yet. Texas A & M uni just released an in depth research study that concludes Lyme disease is endemic to Texas, especially along the Gulf Coast. Hmm. Now, Ontario sounds delightful, we are hitting 100 + humidity here and I’m not a fan! Yes! Like you I’m so glad to see celebrities stepping up and speaking out. We’ll take the support we can get! Have a wonderful day.

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