Hey Tired, Meet FATIGUE

Over the summer, I’ve felt like my cognitive issues or the neuro Lyme, have improved. In June, my LLMD here in town (I have another doc out of town) started me on a supplement, ATP Fuel. Since being diagnosed with Lyme disease in March 2013, severe fatigue has been one of my major, and quite consistent soul crusher, er, I mean symptom.

It’s continued to be a lingering symptom. Now, when I say fatigue, or severe fatigue, I don’t mean “tired.” There is a chasm of difference, one I never understood anywhere near well enough BLD ( Before Lyme Disease).

You know what makes me “tired”? Staying up too late, doing too many activities, physically or mentally exerting myself ( this excludes Pokemon Go).

But fatigue? A whole other ball game, my friends. Being “tired” means you need sleep so you sleep and wah lah! You wake up feeling like a million bucks! You are King of the World!

But with fatigue not so much. Instead, waking up is a never-ending continuation of the fatigue you’ve been feeling for the last 3, 6, 9 months, or even years. It’s like a prison sentence that you don’t even have enough gumption to get angry about. It’s like being in a cave without light. I could go on but basically FATIGUE is not being “tired.” Fatigue sucks the f-ing life force from your body. And the most depressing thing about chronic fatigue (well, there really is a list of things), is not knowing when or IF it will end. No matter how much rest and how little of everything else, that’s always the question. Will it Ever End?

I’ve written about fatigue before HERE and HERE. Hopefully, these posts can give you an inkling of the severity of the fatigue many Lyme patients as well as many chronic illness patients experience.

Happy belated Martin Luther King day!

Peace -b

12 Comments on “Hey Tired, Meet FATIGUE

  1. Must be why I wake up tired now, need naps and get so tired I can’t focus. I keep thinking I am going to bounce back and that it is just a lack of exercise and no stamina.

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      • My thyroid was one of the first things to get attacked by Lyme. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s probably 3 years before things got really bad for me health wise. In the research I’ve done, it it common that Lyme bacteria attack the thyroid and adrenals almost immediately. Too bad I figured that out years later LOL I’ve been on synthyroid for years but my 2nd LLMD recently put me on an additional thyroid medication along with a supplement, DHEA. Not sure which one is helping, or both, with my fatigue. It’s still there, but after being on both for 3 months now, I am starting to get some energy back.

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