“If I Only Had a Brain”…..

So, The Wizard of Oz and Lyme…….

Say what?  Ok, just work with me here…..

Lyme bacteria can enter every single system in the body. Every. Single. System. 

This summer, I’ve been experiencing some really great days, in a row!!!, and then I’ve also experiencing symptoms that come and go, day to day, and sometimes, hour to hour. I think I’m noticing it more because I am off of work right now. I’m not sure. 

I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a way to explain the comings and goings of the myriad of symptoms. There really isn’t a good analogy. Not one that is really accurate nor one that people can relate to, at least not one I’ve thought of!

But I woke up the other morning so freaking stiff I could barely get out of bed. For reals. And I thought, man, I need some of that oil the Tin Man uses in The Wizard of Oz. If only!

Thus, my very weird and strange comparison began to manifest. Just to start, so I don’t scare (haha Scarecrow!) any of you off, I’ll only talk about The Scarecrow today.

Here goes nothing!

Lyme Disease and The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow longs for a brain! He’s searching for a way to get a brain as do I much of the time! While my memory has improved to some degree, I am still having word loss such as trying to find the word “dishwasher” in my vocabulary. Seriously. Easy and well-used words are out of reach at any given moment.

I have now resorted to saying “you know, that THING” or “the dohicky.” It isn’t pretty.  I also periodically (and more than I would like to) have issues with just plain old logic. I try to follow a thought in conversation or in a written piece, I’m doing well, and then POOF. All is gone and I either have to start over, asking random and ridiculous questions of the speaker, or I have to continue rereading the same section of text over and over. Honestly, many times when this happens, I just give up otherwise I will work myself into a stupid anxiety seesh.

So, indeed, like the Scarecrow, I need a brain!  Now, in our beloved story, the Scarecorw has a brain all along; he just needs to realize it and access his brain. In time, I hope to do the same!

I’m off to get the thing-a-ma-jig! Have a great weekend! -belle


16 Comments on ““If I Only Had a Brain”…..

  1. I love the analogy to your illness. It sounds like you can have pretty rough days. In think it’s great you can be optimistic and funny eith it I do understand that some days it’s just a nightmare. Hugs


  2. I know I don’t have Lyme’s but Ivan identify with all your symptoms especially this last week. My problems are a result of longtime medication, I do wish you well.xxx

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  3. Didn’t even know Lyme disease existed until I read this. Just spent five minutes researching; it seems like it would be a painful and frustrating experience.

    Thanks for liking one of my posts. Much appreciated.


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    • I really appreciate you checking out Lyme disease! Be careful! I’m in Texas and I’m not sure when I actually got it. I’ve been treating for years. Lots of 2 steps forward, one step backs. I’m glad I found your blog! I’m a teacher myself. Almost time to go back. Take care!


  4. So much YES on this! This is happening to me and I thought I was loosing my mind. In fact I was trying to convey this to my husband and he just looked at me funny. But when I mentioned it to my ND she instantaneously knew what was happening. Really nutty.

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