Shall We, YouTube?

I can’t proclaim that I am actually branching out but I am venturing into some possible video options to add to this blog. I’ve never done this at all so thanks for trying it out with me! It’s something I’ve wanted to experiment with for awhile now, but honestly, I was too scared to do it. For lots of reasons. But watching my husband use Snapchat and Instagram all the time, I figured, “why not?” 

I hope my first video isn’t too horrible. I know I need serious practice with this medium. I hope your Sunday is going well, and thanks for checking out my first video and my YouTube Channel! Take care, friends!



5 Comments on “Shall We, YouTube?

  1. Nice to see you and hear you beyond written words! I like that in a video one’s personality shines through in a more complete way than in writing.
    It is indeed very difficult to sit down and organize thoughts for me too.
    I don’t think talking about symptoms qualifies as “whining” – it’s just that this is our day to day life and we don’t talk much about them with our loved ones in order to spare them (at least that’s what I do).


    • Thank you for checking it out! We’ll see if I can get some more practice in soon. You are so right. It isn’t whining. This is a place to share those things that many others just can’t relate to. It’s been a very positive outlet for me for sure. I hope your summer is going well and that your health is stable. xxoo

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