The sun is out…..finally!

I’m in Texas and week before last was the brutal winter storm(s) that came in and basically shut our state down for about 4-5 days. We might have had one day of sunshine since? So, today, the sun is finally out in full force and well, we’re happy!

I mean I’m sitting in my classroom and not outside, which is too bad. But, at least I have big windows and the sun is streaming in. That makes everything better!

I’m still dealing with sleep issues. It’s ridiculous. Maybe I am getting a more sleep every other night, but who knows. Last night, I was able to go to sleep with no issues about 9:45……but then my eyes popped open at 3:30 and here we are. Alarm at 5 a.m. Barely able to keep my eyes open, I am here at work.

If this was happening just one night, I could manage, but this sort of thing has been going on for a few months now. Most of of the time, I can go right to sleep, but I wake up at 2 or 3 a.m.. Sometimes, I’m able to go back to sleep and sometimes not. It’s all catching up with me.

I think I think I have tried most of the sleep hacks out there, but I am so open. It’s getting to where I have to leave work early because I can’t function well once I hit about 2 p.m. or I am just taking a day off to try and recover.

I never had issues with sleep before Lyme disease and Chronic Fatigue. But since those started up……I have had several cycles of bad insomnia. No fun at all!

Not sleeping exacerbates all kinds of other symptoms, especially fatigue and brain fog. My doctor has put me on anti-virals and hormone replacement and I am really, really hope these help and soon. Fingers crossed!

Just a couple more class periods to teach and I can head out into the sunshine. I hope your day is going well. – B

6 Comments on “The sun is out…..finally!

  1. My two daughters live in the Dallas area. You might enjoy my poem about them, “The Great Texas Whiteout.”

    Reading this post, I found it so relatable. I am a retired teacher, know someone who suffers from Lyme, have fibromyalgia, and suffer sleep difficulties sometimes. Teaching is not an easy job, even in normal times. Not feeling well makes it even more challenging. Take care and all the best! ❤

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    • Oh gosh, I hope they are doing ok! It got crazy cold here in Houston but I can’t imagine how cold it was in Dallas! Hi fellow teacher! I wish I could retire, but it isn’t quite time. How is your fibro? My doctor thinks that the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue was activated by the terrible lyme infection I have been dealing with for about 8 years now. You take care as well! 🙂

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      • Most of the 30 years I have had fibromyalgia, I have had long periods of being symptom-free followed by periods of fatigue, muscle pain and brain fog. I take supplements, which seem to be helpful. Curcumin seems to be very effective at controlling muscle pain. I have read that fibromyalgia symptoms are brought on by not getting enough deep sleep. At 71, I have several health issues which make it hard to figure out what is going on. Most of the time, I am doing pretty well. All the best!

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      • I am glad that you are feeling decent most of the time. That is something! I’ve only been at this about 8 years now, but like you, I have started seeing that there are times of flares. I guess I am in one now! Working on sleep is my #1 right now. I am hoping if I can get that improved, much will follow. Have good day!

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