One More Time

Today, I’m headed to my local doctor to talk with her about the sleep issues I’ve been having. We’re heading back to school Monday for 10 more weeks of this semester, and I just can’t keep on like I have been these past 3 months.

It’s taking a toll on everything, and I’ve tried so many things to try to get it back on track. I’m honestly hoping she gives me medication to knock me out. I know there are repercussions on the other side, but I need help until the beginning of June.

I was lucky to get in today; I just called yesterday for a last minute appointment. But I’m glad I won’t have to take a day off to do this. I already have taken a few days off just because of exhaustion and fatigue, and I have to take off for my every 3 months appointment, so this is lucky!

LuAnn and Newt at the river June 2020

Today, we were originally going to head to the San Marcos river overnight. We haven’t been in about 9 months. But we had to change the reservation at the last minute (LM had to have a root canal-ugh!) and then hotel called and said they overbooked so we got cut. It was disappointing, but it’s going to be way too crazy busy in the city and at the river because of spring break so it’s a blessing in disguise. We love to go when it’s not overrun with people. Another time, hopefully.

Well, I guess I need to get busy sweeping and some laundry before I head out for downtown. I hope everyone has a good Friday! Peace- B

7 Comments on “One More Time

  1. Sleeping woes are the worst because it feels like we never quite get caught up during the week. I can see why your dogs like the river. What a great spot for them!

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  2. I can totally relate with sleep problem. Been battling with it for years and had to take sleep aid otc for it. Hope you get better sleep soon. As for San Marcos River, love it. My family and I used to visit the glass bottom boat and the river tubings long time ago. Fun times.

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  3. I take medication for sleeping – already prescribed Xanax for anxiety so I take it at night with an OTC antihistamine. Ear plugs help too. Good luck!


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