No Relief

I haven’t done an update because not much has changed. Since about the middle of January, I have been having serious issues with not sleeping. It’s continued since then. I’ve missed days at work. And everything else, other symptoms, etc. have become exaggerated. At this point, I guess I can call it a serious flare.

Mid April, I finally (after 4 different doctor’s visits), was given something to take that at least knocks me out for about 5 hours. I’d like to say this is awesome, but it isn’t. It makes me loopy and tired during the day. But without it, I just can’t even function. In hindsight, I should have taken a medical leave from work because I’m in pretty bad shape right now.

This is the worst the chronic fatigue has been for me in 4 years. I’ve missed some days at work, but luckily, they’ve been really supportive in allowing me to leave work earlier as needed since I don’t teach the last period of the day. My days consist of getting up, feeling exhausted, working, heading home and to bed. I try and do a few chores every day, but that has become less and less this past month. Weekends are spent mostly in bed, too. School is out in a few weeks, and I am really hoping I can get myself back together this summer. I’m hoping.

One exciting thing is that we bought a used truck. But a regular sized truck which we’ve been wanting for awhile. Our saving and saving has paid off. My husband really needs one. He’s been using mini trucks, but the little 1991 Toyota he’d had the past five years just finally died. After replacing the engine once already and he was just ready to move on. It was purchased at auction and it had been wrecked, but between him and his buddies they are making serious progress and we should be able to get it on the road in a month. Awesome!

I hope you and yours are doing well. Take care! – Belle

5 Comments on “No Relief

  1. It took retirement to cure my sleeping woes. I still have to take a sleeping pill, but at least I sleep for 6 hours. I hope you find the key because I know that cycle you are describing.

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  2. I am in the same boat. It will start affecting my work soon as well. I am hoping to find some kind of relief… even if it is just to know what is going on! Congrats on the “new” truck! I hope you can find some relief soon. Hugs!

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    • Hey! Thanks. I’m sorry you are struggling, too. It took me about 3+ years to finally get correctly diagnosed w Lyme disease. Now still dealing with the ramifications of having that so long and untreated. I hope you can get some answers. Not knowing just makes it all the more frustrating!

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      • Good grief! That’s along time!😱 Hopefully they can get you back on track soon. I’m hoping in a few weeks to know something (ha ha ha). We’ll see.

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