Wait, What?

I always have these big plans for summer…many I don’t accomplish. This summer, I didn’t make any lists for myself. I had such a tough time with my health and work this past spring semester, I just couldn’t muster even excitement about summer.

However, luckily, my health has improved some with the time off. I’m sleeping way better and I’ve had some energy return to me. We made a driving trip to Colorado to visit my in-laws. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could do the trip. Although, I had a few days with fatigue, it was a great trip and a much needed mental reset for me. I hated to say goodbye to them because it will most likely be next summer before I can manage another trip up there.

My husband can travel and play during our shorter breaks, but I mostly use those to try to recover some if possible and forge ahead once we’re back for more.

We (mostly J) got so many things done here at home this summer. I did help as an assistant as much as possible. We excavated the little pond we have. I’ll post pics once it starts looking a little better (not much grass around the pond growing back yet).

There were doctor appointments, vet appointments, lunches with a pal. I am very grateful for summer break because it allows me time to do those things that many times while working I just can’t because of the severe fatigue.

We start back this Monday. Two weeks of PD (ugh). And then students are back August 23. So far, no actual safety protocols are being implemented. Our governor says no one can require a mask mandate. The state education agency says no more contact tracing, no need to tell parents a student in class has COVID. Things may change some in the next few weeks, but we’re in Texas, and it’s not good y’all. Houston area hospitals are full with patients and many people have not been vaccinated. And the governor and his stupid pack are making things worse.

I’m trying not to think of all that and in the meantime, I’ve done absolutely nothing yet to prepare for the start of the year. I can’t seem to get motivated at all. I need to have my fall syllabus ready to turn in for review like the 19th I think? Wish me luck!

I hope everyone is having a decent summer. Stay safe and take care, friends!

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  1. Glad to read you are having a good summer. It amazes me how different countries, states and provinces act toward or against lol the COVID-19 virus. Do we need a passport? Masks in school since the kids are not vaccinated? Still so many who won’t vaccinate, and some for health reasons can’t. Our kids don’t go back to school until September. I have been able to work from home so far, but the slow return back to the office is starting soon. I do love how much easier it is to deal with MS symptoms while working from home, but my issue is lip reading – I can’t lip read through a mask lol and clear ones are not cheap …

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    • Hi Sarah, yes. It’s incredible that in the US there still doesn’t seem to be a plan in place for dealing with COVID variations, etc. It’s appalling, really. I’m glad you’ve been able to work from home. I hope it stays that way for awhile!


  2. Glad you got to get out for a little vacation time.
    Oh yes, here in TX I just can’t even … it’s like they just don’t care if people get sick any more. Ugh!
    We don’t have kids in school anymore, and my grand daughter is home schooled. My grand son is up in Missouri, and goes partially at school and the rest from home. It’s so scary out there!
    Anyway, hope you have a good year at school – stay safe!

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    • I hope your summer has been good and not too hot! It’s rained a lot here keeping temps down some, bit the last few weeks have been miserable. It’s good that your grandkids will be only minimally exposed some. I have a feeling things are going to get worse – again! -before they get better. Take care!

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  3. It feels like a sad and predictable ending around us in northern California. The teachers here, like most around the country, have managed to keep their heads above water the past year and a half. Much of last year was taught by Zoom. Students began attending on-site over the second part of the school year, albeit with typically fewer classes. Many of my teacher friends were looking forward to getting back to “normal” this year, but the Delta variant has taken off here in the last couple of weeks. The past two days, we’ve had the most Covid cases since this whole thing started. Mask mandates went into effect again today. Schools are scheduled to start around the same time as your school.

    The other regular happening for much of California in the past five years has been wildfires. Last year, the record number of acres burned, and this year we’re ahead of that pace. Right now, the highway to the east of us is closed because of the wildfires. We live in a mild place on the ocean, so our chances of wildfire are slim to many other places in California.

    Good luck this school year. I hope your health continues to hang in there.

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    • Hi Pete, I hope that you and your family are safe. Have the wildfires been contained or slowed down at all? I’m sure it’s scary!

      It’s good to know that in many places like yours mask mandates are back in place for now. Unfortunately, our governor has now dug in his heels and said still: no mask mandates are allowed, even in public schools. It’s a mess with schools, but especially kids, in the middle. I’m really hoping that he changes this order, but I honestly doubt he will. Many schools in Texas start next week and the week after. Like I said, it’s a mess.

      Thanks for the well wishes and best to you and yours. Stay safe!


  4. So good to hear you had a lovely family visit.. and that you’ve had a good break.
    Take care of yourself.. I think almost everywhere things are getting lapse. I don’t think covid is going to let us get away with it somehow.
    Sending you hugs💜

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  5. Congrats on all that you have achieved! It might not feel like much but you did a lot considering all that you have been through! I too am amazed at how fast the summer has gone by. Why is my birthday suddenly a week away? Yesterday it was atleast two months away! 🙄 Keep you chin up! You got this!❤

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  6. I’m no longer in the classroom. But have empathy and sympathy in regards to everything you have on your plate. I don’t understand the dismissive attitudes as if the virus does not exist. Nor the division and the politics around it. It makes education so much more challenging. Prayers for you! And TWO weeks of PD? Oh wow 😮.

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    • Hi! Our governor is no pleading with other states to help us as many hospitals are overrun with patients. He wants elective surgeries canceled. Yet, he will not allow schools nor businesses to mandate mask wearing…?! Not sure what things will be like once students start back in a few weeks, but I hope we can put into place safety measures that have worked! Take care and have a good day!

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      • Oh my. It’s the same here in SW MO. We made national news about a month ago due to the spike. We don’t even 1/2 this area vaccinated. It’s all political, sadly. And as if schools weren’t political enough already, too. I’m so glad for my faith! YOU have a great day! ❤️

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  7. Thank you for sharing a part of your world!.. glad you are on the mend and had a lovely summer under the circumstances, hopefully the rest of the year and every year will be better!.. it is sad that so many people are so closed minded that they refuse reality… “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom” ( Isaac Asimov).. 🙂

    Take care, have a wonderful day today, and every day, and until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Hi there! Yes, we’ve been open about 5 weeks now. I’ve had a couple of students out each week with COVID. But, many of us in the building are wearing masks and I’m sure that’s helping. I hope you are well!

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    • Hi! Thanks for reading! Like you, we’re having trouble staying motivated with this heat. I’d almost rather be in school now, then have “summer break” like November -Dec or such. Anytime it isn’t 100 and then 108 heat index. You know what I mean! We’ll be heading back about the same time for 2 full, fun-filled weeks of PD! Trying to get my sleep schedule back on track and my head right by Aug 8th. Let’s soak up these next 2 weeks of freedom my friend! 🙂

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      • Yes, the acupuncturist do wonders for my hip. I am returning for a second appointment. So far, it is good and he suggested a second, maybe 3rd appointment. I am able to walk much better. I am also going to chair yoga which is helping. Enjoy the next 2 weeks of freedom, also!

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  8. Just to keep you updated. I remember mentioning my hip under comments in another blog. I am glad to share this with another teacher! Hope the year will begin on a good note. I am trying to get my sleeping pattern back, also.

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    • Oh yes, I appreciate your remembering! And like you, I’m hoping the year begins on a positive note. However, I’m pretty sure we’ll be getting active shooter training which when the district did this a few years ago, so many people were upset and angry about how it was presented. I’m really not sure how one presents it “well” and to everyone’s liking? Anyway, after the last 2 years with COVID craziness, I’m definitely hoping we start with a little more stability and consistency than the past 2 years. 👍

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