Temps rise to 107

We had about 4 days in between the first high pressure system that lasted May -June 25ish, and now, we’re back in another one. Temperatures are record high, and we’ve had no decent rain, at least out in our area, since the 3rd week in May.

We let the grass go. It’s now just a nice yellow-brown. It crutches as you walk on it. I like to go barefoot but not on this stuff. In some places the grass hurts!

My mom lives next door and had a ton of Boston ivy she’s finally getting to come back since the  Snowpocolyps pretty much killed it all.

And ERCOT the state governing board off every, is asking people to conserve electric by not using things like ovens, pool pumps, etc. or the power might go off because it’s “so hot.” I’m all about conserving, but what the f? When the electric went out during the horrible winter storm here in Feb 2021, hundreds of Texans died. Let’s hope there’s no repeat of that!

I’m very grateful that we have central AC.  We also have 2 window units. The paranoia about it getting too hot has become real, and I doubt that will change.

Every summer about this time of year, I dream (unrealistically) about how we can move somewhere cooler. Instead, we’re praying hard for rain, but please no tropical storms or hurricanes.

Every summer about this time of year, I dream (unrealistically) about how we can move somewhere cooler. Instead, we’re praying hard for rain, but please no tropical storms or hurricanes.

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I hope summer is going well for all of you. What are you doing to keep cool? Take care.

24 Comments on “Temps rise to 107

    • Hi! We figured those might be coming, too. With the way ERCOT is talking, I’m wondering how do we get through the rest of July and August when temps normally soar? It’s ridiculous. Instead of some of the grandstanding being done by those at the top in Texas, maybe they need to be working on the electrical grid and things that would improve Texans lives.

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  1. Every once in a while while discussing where we might want to live other than where we are, my wife and I always agree from a weather standpoint it’s hard to beat our Pennsylvania. Of course like everywhere else, we are subject to both summer and winter extremes here, but it is rarely extreme for most of the time. In that regard, we are very, very fortunate. Sending you wishes for cooler weather and some “calm” rain as well.

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    • When I was in middle school, my family moved from Upstate NY to Bloomsburg, PA. We were only there a year but we loved it. Pennsylvania is so pretty. Thanks for sending us some good weather vibes!

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  2. Fortunately, we live in a place where it’s mild pretty much year-round. Yesterday, when it was in the 70s, people were acting like it was a heatwave.

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  3. Wow, that is awfully hot. I hope you all get some rain and relief. In Seattle where I live, it’s pretty unusual for people to have AC because the number of really hot days we get are limited to 5-10 a year. But it’s a frequent topic of conversation because it seems like we are getting more and they are lasting longer. Sending good wishes of rain but no storms for you!

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    • Hi Wynne, thanks for the good wishes! We’ve had an exceptionally hot past 2 months. Historic so the weather gods say. The weather here has definitely changed to be more extreme. I have a friend who lives up in Everett, WA, and I’ve been to visit several times. I love Seattle and the surrounding areas. 😊

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  4. There isn’t a place in the world that isn’t subject to some sort of ‘insult’ by nature. When I grew up in Iowa, it was tornados. In the hill country, it’s flash flooding. During my time in Utah, it was blizzards and avalanches. It seems to me that part of the problem is that people are so removed from nature they’ve lost all respect for it, and nearly all their understanding of the movement of systems. Beyond that, the increasing willingness of the media to hype every event as the worst ever helps to nurture that paranoia you mentioned.

    It’s easy to pile on ERCOT, but there’s another side of that coin. People have become so accustomed to over-air-conditioned spaces, they think 72F should be the normal summer temperature. If everyone was willing to live with 76-78, and if businesses and corporate interests were willing to stop turning on every light in and on their buildings 24/7, it would help. Beyond that, places like Austin, where bitcoin mining is big business, suffer because of the huge power consumption that takes.

    OK! rant over! I hope you car’s AC is fixed by now, and that everything goes well in the coming week. We’ve got about ten more days of this to endure.

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    • I agree with you 100%. Every place has it’s something for sure. It sounds like you’ve had lots of different experiences with all kinds of weather! And I agree wholeheartedly that many people really do not have a relationship with nature anymore. Without a relationship there is no understanding. It’s almost like we think we can control nature, even when there’s so much evidence that we cannot!


  5. I live in Canada where we have very cold winters sometimes, but we’re having a heat wave right now. How do you folks do it, with so much hot weather? We’ve been eating lots of ice cream in this house, which isn’t the best idea for a person’s waistline…

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    • Oh, I bet winters can be really challenging! And are your winters pretty long? The hot weather here normally arrives early July and lasts through mid to end of September, although there are days in October that can hit 90+. But this year, the hot weather started at the end of May, and we’re now moving into the hottest part of summer. Ughs. The only way I can survive is with lots of AC – LOL I have no idea how people can work outside in this heat+humidity! I hope your heat wave is over soon. If my husband weren’t on a diet, I’d be right there with you on eating as much ice cream as possible! 🙂


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