My FIL makes really cool art!

My father-in-law is very talented. He can build and fix just about anything. However, he’s also very artistic. My favorite are the flying geese. I’m hoping he’ll make one for me for Christmas! (*Hint, hint, Mr. D!)

22 Comments on “My FIL makes really cool art!

  1. Such beautiful art! Imagine how beautiful the goose will look when it has a proper stain and gloss on it! I remember hearing the airflow over the wings and body of geese passing overhead when I was a young boy.

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  2. These are terrific pieces! Is this just a hobby for FIL or is he working toward making it a profession? Because those flying geese could make him some money. Just sayin… 😉

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    • Thanks! He doesn’t sell any of his art. He’ll just get an idea and make it! He used to work on movie sets and remodeling, roofing, you name it. I agree though! He should try and sell some of his art!

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  3. We are lucky to have loads of Canadian Geese living in our neck of the woods, and always enjoy their fly-bys. They always look like they are having a good time, and so do your dad-in-law’s creations. Hope you get one of your own!

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    • Thanks! I always appreciate when the geese show up here because then I know it’s really winter time lol We used to have so many out here, but it’s building up too much and they’re moving further out. The Canadian geese are beautiful as well! You are so lucky to have them around!

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