Month: August 2022

It’s Wednesday, Ya’ll!

It’s been a great week back at school. Very exciting, spirits are high, and we’ll have our 1st real pep rally this Friday after several years of just having mini ones in the mornings before school starts – definitely not the same! It’s going… Continue Reading “It’s Wednesday, Ya’ll!”

Meetings Galore

I woke up about 3 am last night, just like yesterday morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but too many things are running through my brain. Last week was our district professional development days (yes, all 5 days). I have a mini… Continue Reading “Meetings Galore”

Time to make the donuts….

Good morning, all! This will be short as I’m attempting to get myself awake and back to work after a nice summer break. Let me tell you, the dogs are very confused as I’ve been sleeping until 8 am or so these past few… Continue Reading “Time to make the donuts….”

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