Rainy Thanksgiving….

The weather this past week has been nice and chilly, but also rainy. It’s reminded me of the weather in the winter where my friend lives north of Seattle. Although, it’s definitely not as cold here.

Today, Thanksgiving, it’s warmed up to about 70, but again, rain off and on. There’s absolutely no complaining; we’ve been in a drought all summer. Bring on the rain!

J and E headed to Colorado this past Saturday. While I’m usually alright with J gone for a few days here and there, this time, I really did not want him to go. Or this time, I really wanted to go? It’s difficult for me to travel during the school year, even on breaks. Well, except for maybe an overnight trip or such. I’m glad he was able to go, but I’m missing him a lot right now.

Ok….break time. My mom has arrived with her entourage of 5 dogs for lunch. We decided not to do a turkey dinner since it’s just the 2 of us, and we opted for broccoli cheese soup with french bread.

Back to the post (btw, Thanksgiving soup was good!):

On Wednesday in Colorado, the family all were heading to see some friends about 2 hours from home. My husband stopped to get out to check out a river on the way because it was frozen. My FIL decided to follow him down a very steep river bank. Unfortunately, he slipped and hit a pretty large rock! He broke his hip. E had to flag down help because J couldn’t get my FIL up the steep embankment on his own. Luckily, someone stopped to help out.

Surgery was this morning, and it went well. However, my FIL has been in severe pain. The morphine helped yesterday, and hopefully, now that his hip is repaired, the pain will start to let up. It’s going to be a tough rehab, but at 76, my FIL is pretty healthy, and the doctor has been very positive about a full recovery.

All of this I’m only getting through texts and conversations with my husband. It sucks not to be up there to help out. There’s not much to do right now, but still. They spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. J is trying to decide what to do. He’s completely stressed out. But he’s been in the hospital all day, and he’s staying with his dad tonight. I suggested maybe not worrying about a plan right this minute. Both he and E can stay up there a few more days if needed or even another week.

Hopefully, tomorrow, they’ll know more about how long the hospital stay will be and also if/ when my FIL can go to a rehab facility and for how long. J is worried that my MIL won’t be able to care for my FIL, but he’s not going home today. It may actually be a week or more before my FIL can go home.

My husband needs some actual sleep right now, but he won’t leave the hospital, and I get it. They all need some actual rest; they’ve all had a crazy 36 hours.

I hope your Thanksgiving has been a less exciting one, but one that has been filled with some, if not a lot, of goodness. Take care -b

29 Comments on “Rainy Thanksgiving….

  1. Life never takes a holiday, does it? So sorry to hear about your FIL’s accident. I have your family in my prayers, Belle. Hopefully, his hospital stay will be a short one, and the rehab can get started without any further issues.

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  2. Oh my! You Hubby needs to sleep, your Mil and fil will be fine! They have to figure it out on their own and there are medical staff to help them. Hope that doesn’t sound cold? I’m in a slump, car troubles. But will work it out …


  3. I’m very sorry about your FIL. That is so stressful especially so close to Thanksgiving. Wishing him well and that you can somehow enjoy the holiday weekend with family.

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  4. I don’t know but I think with your mom’s 5 dogs plus yours and the two of you – that’s a full table and you could have done a turkey! But soup in the rain is always good!

    Sorry about your FIL. Hope he heals quickly and everyone can rest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • That’s so funny you said this about a turkey. We actually considered cooking one for us and all of the doggies! The dogs definitely would have liked that better than the soup! πŸ™‚ FIL is doing a little better today, thank you! They’re hopeful he’ll be discharged to a rehab facility on Monday or Tuesday. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving, Wynne!

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  5. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds absolutely wonderful. It certainly has been soup weather. I’ve even been thinking about going to the effort of making gumbo, but I suspect that urge will pass tomorrow — they say the sun will come out, finally.

    Your matter-of-fact narrative reads pretty easily, but I’m sure there was plenty of anxiety involved, especially when it came to getting your FIL back up the river bank. It’s such a blessing that they were in a spot where help was available relatively quickly. Now that the surgery’s over, the recovery can begin. It will work out, especially if your FIL is relatively healthy. My mother broke her leg just above the ankle in two places when she came to visit me one year. It happened in early January, and it did take until May for her to be fully released, but she was doing pretty well in two or three weeks — able to get around. I hope it goes that well for your FIL. Tell your hubby that while his dad’s in the hospital is a perfect time for him to get some sleep — after all, someone else is responsible there for the care-giving!

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    • Hi! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Did you have a traditional dinner? Gumbo does sound delicious!

      Yes, it’s been very stressful, although I’ve only been dealing with phone calls and texts. My daughter flies back today and Joel will drive back Tuesday or Wednesday. I think they all were finally able to get some sleep last night so that’s good!

      Wow, your poor mom! But I’m glad she made a great recovery! At first, my MIL was asking about someone coming to the house to help my FIL. I was dead set against that if at all possible. I don’t think they were thinking the care taking through all of the way! Luckily, the insurance covers the rehab stay and the doctor told them that it’s way, way better for FIL to go to the rehab place. Thank goodness!

      I hope you have a good weekend. Finally, the sun is out! Hallelujah πŸ’•

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      • My mom had a rehab person who came to the house twice a week after her stay at the rehab center, too. Then, we had a weekly visit from a business called “Visiting Angels.” The woman who came did anything mom wanted, from cleaning the bathroom to doing some grocery shopping. Once Mom was mobile with her walker, it worked beautifully. I could go to work, and yet stay ‘on call,’ and it was good to have that little bit of extra help. The trick is to go through an organization that’s been vetted — any of the rehab places in the area would know if that kind of help is available. There was a cost, but only for the visiting ‘angel,’ and as I recall it was reasonable.

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      • Oh, wow. That’s amazing! Thank you for telling me about this. I think my MIL can probably use some help once he’s back from rehab for sure. And they live out of state with no family or friends around. Hopefully, we can find something like this!

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  6. Although it is great that your mom is still well and able to be with you for the holidaze along with the dogs. Only 3 more weeks and the Christmas break. Our Thanksgiving was quiet but good!

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