Wordless Wednesday….an early St. Pat’s!

Wordless Wednesday…Boo Boo aka The Mythical Creature

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Escaping Lyme – Memory #1

Into the mystic

Escaping Lyme – Memory #1

This is a post from a few years ago, but it takes me back. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wordless Wednesday

Creeping In

Overall, I’ve been happily semi- cautious about my health since this past summer. I mean, yes, I’m still chronically ill, but less on the ill side, I think.

JIC, since I haven’t mentioned it much, my situation briefly is: a decade ago after 3+ years of trying to figure out weird and seemingly unrelated health issues, I was finally correctly diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease. Lyme is spread by a tick bite. It’s a bacterial infection (although lots of other very nasty bacteria and viruses can be transmitted by ticks).  However, that’s been a battle in and of itself over the years.

Since I was sick for so long and not diagnosed correctly and not being treated, and then in  treatment for so long, I now have leftover issues both my doctors conclude (auto-immune stuff). The bacteria from Lyme is insipid, taking over anything and everything it can in the body.

One leftover issues at this point for me is recurring Epstein Barr virus and the other is Chronic Fatigue. There are a few more, but these two are the ones that cause the most trouble for me overall. Dang trouble makers!

I knew a few weeks ago that something was up. I’d been doing fairly well since the summer. Of course there were days here and there that I really struggled, but they were still manageable.

However, a few weeks ago my brain started having glitches. Familiar brain issues that had calmed down in the past few months back at ot. Lots of word loss and processing trouble were back, unfortunately. Short term memory issues also. No fun!

The brain issues seriously suck. It gets to a point in the day where I feel like my brain is hitting a brick wall and after that, I just can’t do thinking at all. I haven’t really had much of this for the past few months. But it’s back. Ugh.

The fatigue is also creeping in. Slowly, but methodically. I had to take Monday off from work. I just couldn’t manage it. I slept most of the day. I worried that I might not be able to go back to work. Last year. I had to take a medical leave right after winter break. I was out about 5 weeks. It was my first – and hopefully last- prolonged leave in the decade I’ve been doing this chronic illness life.

I’m back to work, and we’ll just have to take it day by day. You’d think by now I’d be used to this pace, used to the unpredictability, used to the ebb and flow of symptoms. And I am to some degree, but I’m also hard headed sometimes ,(husband would say most of the time) just trying to push through when I absolutely know that isn’t helping!

For now, I’m grateful that it’s not much worse (because, been there), that my family and colleagues are supportive, and that I have a few paid sick days left. One day at a time, one day at a time.

Take care, my friends!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

The Dog Days of Summer -Meet LuAnn

Time to meet The Hound

The Dog Days of Summer -Meet LuAnn

LuAnn is still up to her antics 6 years later! TGIF!

Together: a Poem

My husband wrote this for me last night, so I thought I would share. I hope your Dr. King day is going well.

Are you lonely

   When the clouds hang low in the sky?

                  The moon is hidden

The silence cloaks the chaos of the day

I think of you

All the miles I traveled

                               The years of trials

                           Just to find you

Could it be

                    that perfection lies in the       imperfections

                    Of daily life?

            On this tiny plot of land

       We make our life day by day

Wondering if we matter

         Wondering if anything matters

          Wandering side by side

Through paths we can’t see or feel

Knowing that this is all there is.

      That   this    is all there ever will be.

This could be enough.

     This is enough.

And inside enough lies an ocean of freedom

Endless possibilities 

Even if every day seems the same

Within each struggle, something of value


Knowing all the while

Knowing we need to know

Knowing we can never comprehend 

Knowing the days are numbered

       Knowing we are one in billions

             Alone on this spinning rock 

Helplessly watching as it winds its way down



Through the oft traveled road of the universe

But in this random moment

                        Here we are


A Quiet Break

We enjoyed our winter break. It was a quiet Christmas with good food and good company (my mom and J). We made a pretty simple meal with a small turkey. My mom made some yummy dessert: it was like a pumpkin pie, but with a ginger snap crust. Oh, and whipped cream on top! Holy smokes!

J left for Colorado on Dec 26th with E and her BF. They drove and had an easy trip. Long but uneventful, so that was good! They did some hiking and took a couple of trips to Denver. My FIL is doing well after his Thanksgiving hip surgery. Using a walker and having PT 3 times a week, he is making progress. Just not as quickly as he would like for sure! The traveling party returned about 2 a.m. New Year’s morning to a very quiet house. The dogs and I were fast asleep LOL

This is Jo. One of 5. All asleep on NYE!

I just tooled around while J was gone. I was definitely not very productive. I decided not to make a To Do list for the break and instead, pretty much did what I could and what I wanted. Last winter break 2021, I ended up in a severe fatigue, EBV, and fibromyalgia flare and was unable to go back to work until February. Who knows what triggered that, but I wasn’t pushing myself this break at all.

We’re back at work now, and I’m there this year, so that’s a win! This past week went well. All of us, especially students, were struggling to get back on the school schedule. Y’all, our high school classes start at 7:15…..7:15 a.m.! It’s kinda nuts. After all the research out there that concludes teenagers need more sleep ….not less….and we still keep doing things the same old way. *Sigh

Our new semester for the college portion of this class starts up in a week or so as well. Usually, this semester can be a real struggle for some students. It’s a bit tougher curriculum, and they are burned out. I’m hoping that the way we’ve structured things (with the burnout and stress in mind) that we can keep all of our students in the class through May and that they can be successful.

With work starting back, I’m doing my best to let things go and also to make sure I rest as needed (and to not feel guilty about resting). I’m almost a decade into this chronic illness journey. You would think I’d have it down to a science by now. But, I don’t.

I still struggle with giving myself permission to feel how I feel and to not do certain things if I just can’t or if I know it will push me over on the energy limit I have for that day. I’m not sure if that makes sense. It’s still all a learning process for me dealing with the ins and outs of being chronically ill, and there are times I myself am just not a good student!

While I know the holidays can be tough in so many ways, I still hope everyone had some bright moments and good cheer. Happy New Year, my friends. May this be our best year yet! Do you make New Year resolutions or not?

Take care and peace to you – belle

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