Please Make Chili…

We started our winter break last Saturday. I like to think we triumphantly made the semester finish line, but realistically, let’s just say We made It. But that’s ok. All of my students passed with a C or higher, and this means they can take the 2nd half of Freshman Composition next semester if they desire.

This week has been filled with somewhat important things/errands that need to get done and did since we’re off work. And my husband heads to Colorado on Monday, so that leaves just me to do any leftover chores.

So, some boring things completed: gift cards ordered for niece and nephew and other nephew by choice πŸ™‚ Candies ordered for in-laws, tree decorated (finally!). Some extra cleaning of kitchen and guest bathroom in anticipation of my brother and SIL’s visit. Vet appointment for Boo completed!

And I made broccoli cheese soup and my famous chili. I say famous only because my husband and mom love it so much LOL

We also have been preparing for this crazy winter storm that’s blowing in very hard as I write this and has been gusting for 3 hours now. Tomorrow will not get above freezing and we’ll have lows as freezing temps through Monday night. Pretty crazy when just a week ago it was 75 degrees outside. I realize this winter storm is affecting large areas of the US. But also most likely those areas are much better prepared for this kind of weather.

While we’ve been told by our governor several times that the Texas electric grid will hold this time, honestly, after Yuri blasted through Texas killing upwards of 200 people due to the grid going down in 2021, no one is feeling very confident nor trusting.

To have these kinds of sustained freezing temperatures at this time of year if pretty unheard of. But hey, we just had our hottest December day on record just a few short weeks ago so….ya know.

Unfortunately, due to this impending storm my brother and SIL had to skip out visit so they could get back to their place in the Midwest before this hit yesterday evening. They also were pulling an RV and that’s definitely no fun in ice and/or snow. It’s disappointing, but I’m glad they’re safely home now.

We won’t have any ice or snow this time around, thank heavens! Down here on the Gulf, we just do not have an infastructure for all that, again as we learned the very hard way in 2021.

But, there’s still broccoli cheese soup and lots of chili. I think we’re going to make it!

I hope everyone is safe and taking this holiday season in stride. Best wishes and take care my friends xo-b

Coming Home

This past Wednesday, J finally was able to return from Colorado. Waiting until his dad was moved from the hospital to the rehab after hip surgery, J started his 15 hour drive home all alone. I was worried, but luckily, he took his time and spent a night at a hotel outside of Childress, Texas, at about the halfway mark.

Safely home after 10 days. Whew. I know he’s been on a rollercoaster. His parents used to live only about 30 minutes from us until 2 years ago, and yes, in the midst of COVID, they moved up to Colorado. They had been talking about it off and on for several years, and honestly, I didn’t really believe they would do it being in their early 70s.

But, the housing market was great, and they were able to sell the house my FIL built in under 3 months the fall of 2020. I hated to see them go. With them close, we could see them whenever we liked and we, including my mom who lives next door, spent many holidays together as a family. J is also an only child, and very close to his parents.

But they were determined and very excited to make this change. I’m not really sure how much they thought it all the way through, but we definitely supported their decision 100%. They were tired of the weather here, especially. The heat and humidity are pretty relentless. If we could pick up and move (along with my mom, of course) we’d doing it in a New York minute.

And my in-laws have really enjoyed their new home. They can be outside much of the year. It gets cold for sure, but being in southern Colorado, while it does snow, it’s usually gone within a day or so. Probably January and February are the worst as far as their winter goes.

But, they’re gone. And while my husband travels at breaks to see them, I only am able to make it during the summer. Juggling chronic fatigue and working full time, I just can’t manage traveling, resting, then heading back to work, even if it’s a 2 week break, which only happens in December. I’m not complaining; I just wish I could see them more.

My FIL is doing well in rehab, getting PT daily. J, E, and her BF will be heading back up to Colorado for a holiday visit right after Christmas. Hopefully by then, my FIL will be back at his home.

I’ll be here, holding down the fort. πŸ™‚ I hope everyone is having a great weekend. -b

Rainy Thanksgiving….

The weather this past week has been nice and chilly, but also rainy. It’s reminded me of the weather in the winter where my friend lives north of Seattle. Although, it’s definitely not as cold here.

Today, Thanksgiving, it’s warmed up to about 70, but again, rain off and on. There’s absolutely no complaining; we’ve been in a drought all summer. Bring on the rain!

J and E headed to Colorado this past Saturday. While I’m usually alright with J gone for a few days here and there, this time, I really did not want him to go. Or this time, I really wanted to go? It’s difficult for me to travel during the school year, even on breaks. Well, except for maybe an overnight trip or such. I’m glad he was able to go, but I’m missing him a lot right now.

Ok….break time. My mom has arrived with her entourage of 5 dogs for lunch. We decided not to do a turkey dinner since it’s just the 2 of us, and we opted for broccoli cheese soup with french bread.

Back to the post (btw, Thanksgiving soup was good!):

On Wednesday in Colorado, the family all were heading to see some friends about 2 hours from home. My husband stopped to get out to check out a river on the way because it was frozen. My FIL decided to follow him down a very steep river bank. Unfortunately, he slipped and hit a pretty large rock! He broke his hip. E had to flag down help because J couldn’t get my FIL up the steep embankment on his own. Luckily, someone stopped to help out.

Surgery was this morning, and it went well. However, my FIL has been in severe pain. The morphine helped yesterday, and hopefully, now that his hip is repaired, the pain will start to let up. It’s going to be a tough rehab, but at 76, my FIL is pretty healthy, and the doctor has been very positive about a full recovery.

All of this I’m only getting through texts and conversations with my husband. It sucks not to be up there to help out. There’s not much to do right now, but still. They spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. J is trying to decide what to do. He’s completely stressed out. But he’s been in the hospital all day, and he’s staying with his dad tonight. I suggested maybe not worrying about a plan right this minute. Both he and E can stay up there a few more days if needed or even another week.

Hopefully, tomorrow, they’ll know more about how long the hospital stay will be and also if/ when my FIL can go to a rehab facility and for how long. J is worried that my MIL won’t be able to care for my FIL, but he’s not going home today. It may actually be a week or more before my FIL can go home.

My husband needs some actual sleep right now, but he won’t leave the hospital, and I get it. They all need some actual rest; they’ve all had a crazy 36 hours.

I hope your Thanksgiving has been a less exciting one, but one that has been filled with some, if not a lot, of goodness. Take care -b

Birthday Surprise

My husband decided at the last minute to fly to Colorado to surprise his dad for his birthday this weekend. They’re having fun, and my FIL was indeed surprised! I’m glad it all worked out perfectly!

I was sad I couldn’t go, but tickets are expensive on a planned trip, little own a trip decided on with less than a week’s notice.

It’s been a little weird to be by myself for a few days. I’m really not sure why. I’m totally ok with being by myself for stretches. Things feel differently, especially without Newt around. There’s a glaring absence of him guarding the yard and barking just to stir up some action.

The rest of our crew is older, except for Jo, who is maybe 5? We don’t really know The Real Age of any of our pups as they have all been strays. Oh wait: Zola and Boo were picked up at a local shelter by my mom. But, then they decided to move in with us ( my mom lives next door, and we share a fenced yard) LOL

The weather has been pretty nice. A front came through Friday, and this weekend it’s been sunny with highs of about 55. Gorgeous. I wish the time hadn’t changed back so we could enjoy more sunlight in the evening and the cooler temps.

I wasn’t too productive this weekend, overall. I cleaned the house (basics only), made some chili, watched some shows I haven’t had the time for recently. There’s just this next week until Thanksgiving break, and it can’t come soon enough. While I do enjoy my work, it’s been trying for all kinds of reasons. I also think it feels harder the closer a break comes! πŸ™‚

Jo is wearing Zola’s jacket. Jo didn’t seem to mind it!

I had 3 of the dogs in jackets this morning; our thin SE Texas blood makes 40 degrees seem very cold! All 3 were happy with them. Pico needs a new one, but he’s an awkward size, so ordering online never works. The jackets he has are hand-me-downs; he LOVES his jackets.Β 

Pico enjoying one of his 3 jackets.

Halloween decorations are put up, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull out Christmas items. It may just be a tree this year. My brother and SIL will visit before Christmas, but it will just be me, my mom, and hubby for Christmas day. No big dinner or other guests. Then, husband heads back to Colorado for a week December 26th. Thinking just a few decorations will do it.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. And here’s to a great week for us all. Take care, friends. Peace -b

Halloween Pumpkin Faces

So last weekend my sweet step- daughter showed up to bring pumpkins out for carving. She also helped us get through a second weekend without Newton.

The pictures aren’t great (transferred as a slideshow from E’s iphone), but they had a lot of fun. Otherwise, our Halloween weekend was a quiet one πŸŽƒ


We had to say goodbye to a very amazing soul, Newton, on Friday. Still young at 7 years of age, this came unexpectedly. There’s never enough time with our pals, but we thought we had more.

As soon as I’m able, I will write the best tribute I can muster for our sweet Baby Boy.

Please send joyful and happy thoughts for his life well lived and for his transition to someplace better filled with his favorite snacks, toys, and adventures and in that order ❀️

While our hearts are broken, we’re forever grateful for the love, the patience, and the grace he brought to our lives.

Take care, all. And hug everyone you love. xo

Never Say Goodbye

Almost October! How!?!

Somehow it’s less than a week until October 1st, and, unfortunately, the weather is still ‘ablazing. Today, the high is “I don’t even know what,” but what I do know is that it is hot! They’re saying things might cool down this week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I really hope so!

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed sleeping. It wasn’t my real plan for a Saturday. I ended up sleeping late and then for some reason I needed a nap…..and then back to sleep by 9 p.m. It was honestly pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s a new medication I’m on or if I’m just that worn out? Today has been better. I haven’t accomplished much, but at least I’ve been awake today!

Last weekend I did pull out Halloween decorations and placed them around which makes me happy….even though it’s still like 95 degrees every day. I still need to get out the big pumpkin that lights up and our two 4 foot skeletons out from upstairs in the shop. Hopefully, my husband will place one of the skeletons climbing up the side of the shop. He did this last year, and it looked awesome! My brother called and was bragging that the high there in Arkansas was like 60 and that he and my SIL were sipping on pumpkin lattes….some people! πŸ™‚

Work (school) is going well. While the beginning of the year is always challenging for all kinds of reasons, we’re in week 6 now, and things are starting to settle down. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned every one of my 140 students’ names, except for maybe just 2. I’m on it! Luckily, I have seating charts with pictures so this helps a lot. Our first major essay is in the books, and while I’m still grading these, I’m proud of how hard students worked on this overall. Now, onto the next one! Oh Freshman Comp….

Husband is still trying to fix the AC on the Civic with absolutely no luck. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to start car shopping soon which I’m so not looking forward to. I keep telling him that he’s fought a valiant battle and a much appreciated one, but I think the Civic has won at this point…..

I hope everyone is doing well. I know a hurricane is on its way to the Gulf. Please stay safe! Peace to all – b

It’s Wednesday, Ya’ll!

It’s been a great week back at school. Very exciting, spirits are high, and we’ll have our 1st real pep rally this Friday after several years of just having mini ones in the mornings before school starts – definitely not the same!

It’s going well, but my brain is mushy yet overloaded. I just want to look at cute cat pics! I’m just checking in to say hi! I hope your week is going smoothly! πŸ™‚ – b

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