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Creeping In

Overall, I’ve been happily semi- cautious about my health since this past summer. I mean, yes, I’m still chronically ill, but less on the ill side, I think. JIC, since I haven’t mentioned it much, my situation briefly is: a decade ago after 3+… Continue Reading “Creeping In”

Hotter Than H E Double Hockey Sticks

Why is it still hitting 97 degrees as the high every dang day (heat index like 107) with no end in sight? Oh, right. Texas in September. That is all. More to come about chronic illness and work, but I just can’t mentally be… Continue Reading “Hotter Than H E Double Hockey Sticks”

Is Boredom a State of Mind?

How do you do boredom?

Who am I?

All Mixed Up

I know we all ask ourselves this same question at any given time of the day, week, or year. But since beginning my journey with a chronic illness, I ask it even more than I used to. And now when I ask, sometimes, I… Continue Reading “Who am I?”

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