HoneyColony CBD Oil: A Review

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** “I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers  network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.” **

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Now, onto the review!

Hi, my people! Well, here we are, post-election in the states and moving quickly towards the holidays.

When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease, now almost 4 years ago, I thought I knew what it was all about. You get bit by a tick, you might get sick, and then you are treated and cured quickly. HAHAHA!  Little did I know! So once I began researching this crazy and unpredictable disease, I began realizing that there is no CURE. That in many cases, including mine, Lyme cannot be merely treated with 14-28 days of oral antibiotics. Not even. And I began to understand, especially after being sick 6 – 12 months, that I was going to have to try out some unconventional, non-Western medicine options, to treat this bacterial infection.

I had been hearing and reading about CBD oil long before I decided to try it out. Information was mixed but the one common denominator seemed to be QUALITY of the product. Yet, I had no idea where to even begin. My first foray into the CBD sphere was, and now regrettably, a product I found and purchased from a seller on Craigslist. I know, I know. Believe me, I really was clueless, and in my Lyme social circle, no one had a recommendation for me. But I knew that I wanted to try this option. No Bueno. Honestly, I think there was turpentine in it. I tried to take it a few times, but the taste was just so disgusting, I could barely gag it down.

From that point on, I realized, and the hard way, that I needed to invest in QUALITY. I continued my research and then recently, I was offered an opportunity to try out HoneyColony’s CBD Oil. I have tried this company’s products in the past, and I have not been disappointed. I jumped at the chance to try out their CBD Oil.

Quality CBD Oil!

HoneyColony’s CBD Hemp Oil is a blend of several ingredients, including Teasel root as well Astragalus Root. You can visit this page for a much more detailed list and explanation. I have tried both of these roots before in the past with some positive effects, but not at the same time and not as a part of a CBD Oil mix. When my product arrived, I was really excited to give it a shot!

I know some people may be hesitant to try CBD Oil as there is a lot of misinformation out there, including that it makes you “high.” However, according to HoneyColony, “Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the Cannabis plant and has no euphoric properties whatsoever. This formulation offers all the health benefits of CBD without the feeling of being high.” At no point of my using this product have I ever had a euphoric feeling or a feeling of being “high.”

The first stop I made before adding this product to my daily routine was at HoneyColony’s  13 Commonly Asked Questions about their Superior CBD Oil product ranging from ingredients to usage. Since this quality CBD oil is mixed with coconut oil (no weird ingredients in this product!), this oil has a very smooth taste. There is no aftertaste nor did it bother my throat or stomach. It is silky sweet and easy to administer.  I take just a drop in the morning and then one at night. While I haven’t necessarily seen a huge impact in the morning for myself (and mornings are so, so difficult for me), I have experienced an effect in the evening. While I struggle with getting up, the joint stiffness and fatigue, lately, I have really been having sleep issues. I can go to sleep, but then I tend to wake up 3-6 times a night. It’s been a serious hindrance in the past few months.

Bundles are available!

So I started taking a drop of oil about an hour before bedtime as suggested on the  13 Commonly Asked Questions page. This seems to help me relax enough to get to sleep. Recently, I have also started taking a drop when I wake up during the night. Doing this has been beneficial in helping me get back to sleep and to stay asleep throughout the night!

Look, HoneyColony products are top-quality products! Yes, the price is higher, but again, the QUALITY is worth every penny. I’ve tried enough other inferior CBD oil options to pay twice over what the cost of one of HoneyColony’s CDB bottles cost.  I’ve thrown away more that I care to share. And this bottle that I received about a month ago is still more than half full. I won’t go anywhere else in the future to purchase CBD Oil other than HoneyColony!

Happy Sunday, my friends. Take care – B

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Almost October! How!?!

Somehow it’s less than a week until October 1st, and, unfortunately, the weather is still ‘ablazing. Today, the high is “I don’t even know what,” but what I do know is that it is hot! They’re saying things might cool down this week, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I really hope so!

Yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed sleeping. It wasn’t my real plan for a Saturday. I ended up sleeping late and then for some reason I needed a nap…..and then back to sleep by 9 p.m. It was honestly pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure if it’s a new medication I’m on or if I’m just that worn out? Today has been better. I haven’t accomplished much, but at least I’ve been awake today!

Last weekend I did pull out Halloween decorations and placed them around which makes me happy….even though it’s still like 95 degrees every day. I still need to get out the big pumpkin that lights up and our two 4 foot skeletons out from upstairs in the shop. Hopefully, my husband will place one of the skeletons climbing up the side of the shop. He did this last year, and it looked awesome! My brother called and was bragging that the high there in Arkansas was like 60 and that he and my SIL were sipping on pumpkin lattes….some people! 🙂

Work (school) is going well. While the beginning of the year is always challenging for all kinds of reasons, we’re in week 6 now, and things are starting to settle down. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned every one of my 140 students’ names, except for maybe just 2. I’m on it! Luckily, I have seating charts with pictures so this helps a lot. Our first major essay is in the books, and while I’m still grading these, I’m proud of how hard students worked on this overall. Now, onto the next one! Oh Freshman Comp….

Husband is still trying to fix the AC on the Civic with absolutely no luck. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to start car shopping soon which I’m so not looking forward to. I keep telling him that he’s fought a valiant battle and a much appreciated one, but I think the Civic has won at this point…..

I hope everyone is doing well. I know a hurricane is on its way to the Gulf. Please stay safe! Peace to all – b

It’s Wednesday, Ya’ll!

It’s been a great week back at school. Very exciting, spirits are high, and we’ll have our 1st real pep rally this Friday after several years of just having mini ones in the mornings before school starts – definitely not the same!

It’s going well, but my brain is mushy yet overloaded. I just want to look at cute cat pics! I’m just checking in to say hi! I hope your week is going smoothly! 🙂 – b

Meetings Galore

I woke up about 3 am last night, just like yesterday morning. I tried to go back to sleep, but too many things are running through my brain.

Last week was our district professional development days (yes, all 5 days). I have a mini team as we all teach junior and/or senior college level English this year. One of our colleagues is new to our campus (not new to teaching). Usually, during this delightful week of PD, we are given time to plan since our syllabus is due…well.. tomorrow. That didn’t really happen. I think out of the entire week, we managed about 4 hours together. And of course, some of that time was helping our new member with questions, etc. (And yes, we did meet one over the summer already). So…yeah.

We’re on our campus all of this week for even more PD. Yesterday, we spent about 5 hours in meetings. Of course we had our opening meeting which is always fun! It’s a chance to come back together and celebrate accomplishments and new people joining us. Uhm, the 2nd meeting was about a new district initiative …required by the state, to teach character traits? It’s still in process so there’s lots we don’t know. But it sounds like we’re going to begin actual lessons on things like honesty and kindness. One was patriotism which I thought was interesting. Anyhoo….

Our last training was active shooter training. It took over 2 hours because they kept giving us breaks so we could “take a minute” in case we had “feelings.” I get it. But let’s just get it done. I’m appreciative that our district is proactive, etc. and that it’s putting even more pieces in place to try to secure campuses.

However, there’s just so much that I believe we can do and should be doing as a society to try to address the underlying issues, etc. (that’s not being done) and with these trainings it feels like it’s down to schools/staff to solve this humongous, complex, and insane issue that it’s hard to just sit through a training like this. Basically, bottom line is try to keep yourself and your students alive if there is an active shooter on campus. GOT IT.

Well dang, sorry that went a little dark! Today, we have more meetings this morning, and these are campus specific so indeed important info and then, fingers crossed, my little team and I can meet and knock out our syllabus.

In other news, we’re STILL trying to get the Civic AC working, but I think it might be a lost cause. Already thrown a decent amount of money at it and it’s been to 2 shops, one a Honda dealership, and still issues and no cold air. Let’s put this on the back burner if possible until we get school actually started this coming Monday, shall we?😊

I hope everyone is having a great start to the week ahead. Take care! -belle

Time to make the donuts….

Good morning, all! This will be short as I’m attempting to get myself awake and back to work after a nice summer break. Let me tell you, the dogs are very confused as I’ve been sleeping until 8 am or so these past few months LOL

This week will be 5 days of district professional development. Why 5 days you ask? Not sure except it probably has something to do with the state requirement of a certain number of days for teachers and for students, it is a certain number of minutes we need to be in school. We don’t have our schedule yet for this week, but I’m really hoping we’ll have a lot of time to get with our teams to plan this week. Our college course syllabus is due next Wednesday, and we have a new (to our campus) teacher on our team. One day, we’re at the big district center where I’m almost sure we’ll have a session on active shooter situations. Definitely not looking forward to that one.

We’ll see. Normally, there’s lots of repetitive and boring sessions we have to attend, and our days run 7:30-4 pm since there’s an hour and a half for lunch. We’re such a huge district, and all subjects are convening at separate campuses. This means at lunch, even if half of us go to a restaurant, it’s going to take awhile to get served, etc. I’ll be packing lunch so I can save money and use that downtime to get things done so I don’t have to work this weekend (hopefully). I’m hopeful that since this is the first time we’ve been able to do our district PD in person in 2 years that it will be helpful and supportive. I’m staying optimistic!

Anyway, wish me luck! I hope everyone has a great Monday!

A Little Anxious

My husband started back to work today. He’s been somewhat anxious most of this week and understandably so. It can be a tough transition from not working for a few months to going back to a firm, full schedule (not a complaint, just the truth).

I’ll head back on August 8th. I’m starting to feel it, the anxiety and the tension. It’s the knowing how insane the days are once we return, and then yet again, when students return 2 weeks later.

I’ll be starting year 22 as a teacher. I’m not worried about meeting my students or getting to know them (this is my favorite part!), but it’s the anticipation of the endless crazy days with too much to do and not enough time to do it.

We say we’ll do our best not to overwork, to make sure we take time out for ourselves. We reflect and make plans on how to eat healthy and stay mentally balanced. We mean well.

I’m grateful for this time off. With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the time to rest cannot be more important. This past spring, I had to take a medical leave. I’m hoping I won’t have to do that again any time soon, but also, I need to be ok if it does happen (I’m not so good with this part!)

Anyway, I’m not sure what this post is about, but thanks for reading and listening.

I hope this week is going well for all of you! Peace, my friends -belle

My FIL makes really cool art!

My father-in-law is very talented. He can build and fix just about anything. However, he’s also very artistic. My favorite are the flying geese. I’m hoping he’ll make one for me for Christmas! (*Hint, hint, Mr. D!)

River trip!

Last week, we made it out to our beloved San Marcos river for just an overnight trip. It’s not but about 2 hours from home, and we use points for the hotel, so we can keep the cost down. Just gas and food need purchased (which are not cheap anymore!).

We hadn’t been to the river since last September. Before that, we were making the trip 3-4 times a year easily. But, the pandemic has thrown us off. It’s ok. We’re very grateful to head back when we can.

We take Newton and LuAnn with us every single time. This makes my mom’s Granimal-sitting at the a little easier! This time around, we added Pico to our travel crew. He did waaay better than I suspected he would, so he may make the team for next time!

Pico with his little floaty vest on. He’s not good at taking photos!
LuAnn and Pico (Chihuahua) and husband’s legs 🦵

It was nice to get back to the river. On a Tuesday, it wasn’t too busy at first. We rolled in about 12:30 p.m. and luckily found a parking spot close to our favorite area to go along the river. After walking down and setting up our 2 chairs, we all jumped in. This river is spring fed and a consistent 72 degrees no matter what the outside elements are at the time. It’s amazing!

The river was a nice respite to the heat we’ve been having since May. We spent the evening back at the river, and a few hours the next day as well before we headed home.

While I did attend the local university my freshman year of college located near the river, I never knew about the special nooks we found about 5 years ago when we went to a friend’s wedding in the area. Since then, we return again and again and are never disappointed.

Going to San Marcos and making the trip, staying overnight, it’s been something I could and can do even when I’ve been pretty ill or I guess I could say even if/when I’m in a flare. It’s served as a place I can go and just be. It gets me out of the house, out of the day to day struggle of chronic illness in a way I haven’t found in many other ways. I get to see my husband happy – he loves the river, too- and the pups have fun.

I’m hoping we can make one more trip up to our favorite place this next week before we head back to start the new school year and to celebrate my husband’s upcoming birthday. Fingers crossed!

I hope you all are having a good summer and that it’s not so hot in your part of the world.

Do you have a favorite or special place you like to visit?

Take care! Peace-B

Temps rise to 107

We had about 4 days in between the first high pressure system that lasted May -June 25ish, and now, we’re back in another one. Temperatures are record high, and we’ve had no decent rain, at least out in our area, since the 3rd week in May.

We let the grass go. It’s now just a nice yellow-brown. It crutches as you walk on it. I like to go barefoot but not on this stuff. In some places the grass hurts!

My mom lives next door and had a ton of Boston ivy she’s finally getting to come back since the  Snowpocolyps pretty much killed it all.

And ERCOT the state governing board off every, is asking people to conserve electric by not using things like ovens, pool pumps, etc. or the power might go off because it’s “so hot.” I’m all about conserving, but what the f? When the electric went out during the horrible winter storm here in Feb 2021, hundreds of Texans died. Let’s hope there’s no repeat of that!

I’m very grateful that we have central AC.  We also have 2 window units. The paranoia about it getting too hot has become real, and I doubt that will change.

Every summer about this time of year, I dream (unrealistically) about how we can move somewhere cooler. Instead, we’re praying hard for rain, but please no tropical storms or hurricanes.

Every summer about this time of year, I dream (unrealistically) about how we can move somewhere cooler. Instead, we’re praying hard for rain, but please no tropical storms or hurricanes.

Source: WordPress stock photo

I hope summer is going well for all of you. What are you doing to keep cool? Take care.

So many projects…

that my husband is completing! He’s on fire! I’m looking very, very lazy in comparison.

We started this summer break (JF is also a teacher) insulating the other half of our manufactured home’s attic space. Or not a real attic but you get the picture. I feel like I was a pretty decent sidekick on this job. I fed the insulation machine, while JF was up on the roof blowing in the insulation. Best laid plans to do it in early June to beat the Texas heat didn’t work well with the record high temps we’ve been having, but it got did! 🙂

Next up, JF painted the outside of the house. After painting the shop a few years ago, we decided the house (now 21 years old) needed a sprucing up with paint to match the shop. But, due to several things, painting the house was pushed off and off. Paying others to do the job was/is not in our budget. I tried to talk my husband out of doing this right now based solely on the ridiculous temperatures we’ve been having since the end of May.

However, he was not dissuaded. He’s been working on it for weeks, finishing up just a few days ago. It looks great! I’ll get some pics and post soon. On this project, I was not really helpful at all. I was out one morning for an hour or so painting seams, but I just can’t handle the heat. For my part, I supplied lots of ice cold lemon water,  fetched the ladder and supplies as needed, and made sure there was food to eat!

What else? JF replaced a side door we use to access  our home. I honestly was dreading this even though it really was needed (the original door was bent and not closing right at all). On this one, I just stayed out of the way. The door opens from outside into the laundry room. We don’t use the actual front door much since it’s part of the area we have fenced in for our dogs. Anyway, the new (used) door is taller and wider than the old door. Needless to say, there was a lot of banging, sawing, nailing, etc. going on the evening JF decided to get it done.

But, it’s in, and it’s great to have a bigger door that closes without slamming it or trying to finagle it into a spot where it will actually close properly! Today, JF has trimmed it and painted the inside white to match the rest of our inside doors. It’s really looking awesome.

My job will be to clean in that room once everything is finished up. Like dusting and cleaning the glass in the door, scraping off the drops of paint on the floor …. Still not much compared to the work my husband has put into getting that door installed.

There’s been lots of other smaller things he’s been doing as well such as: cleaning out the pond pump, rewiring a paddle fan, staining the deck out front, and building  outdoor counters as a side job (see pics below). These counters turned out beautifully, and the customer was very pleased! Whew! I’m exhausted just by putting it down here! I don’t know how he can keep up the pace.

Here’s #1 of the outdoor counters JF built. Installing the grill was a real challenge, but it worked out well!
Here’s #2 with a mini fridge. Nice!

Me? I’ve been trying to be a good helper turning on and off breakers, fetching tools, and trying to be supportive. But summer projects on my list? I didn’t have any. After such a tough semester health-wise, I decided to just see how it goes this summer. Being mostly a type A personality all of my life, making a list then not getting it done is not productive for me, and I acknowledge that. It’s taken years for me to learn some acceptance of my limitations because of chronic illness (still working on this!), and  I still struggle with being ok with the things I can do and letting go of what I just can’t do.

We still have a few weeks before the teacher work days for this next school year begins. I’m hoping my husband will relax some and that we’ll be able to do a quick overnight trip to the San Marcos river. But we’ll see. While I do not have a list, my husband does and for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be getting shorter!

Take care, friends. I hope you are having a few lazy summer days! Peace – belle

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