HoneyColony CBD Oil: A Review

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** “I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers  network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.” **

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Now, onto the review!

Hi, my people! Well, here we are, post-election in the states and moving quickly towards the holidays.

When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease, now almost 4 years ago, I thought I knew what it was all about. You get bit by a tick, you might get sick, and then you are treated and cured quickly. HAHAHA!  Little did I know! So once I began researching this crazy and unpredictable disease, I began realizing that there is no CURE. That in many cases, including mine, Lyme cannot be merely treated with 14-28 days of oral antibiotics. Not even. And I began to understand, especially after being sick 6 – 12 months, that I was going to have to try out some unconventional, non-Western medicine options, to treat this bacterial infection.

I had been hearing and reading about CBD oil long before I decided to try it out. Information was mixed but the one common denominator seemed to be QUALITY of the product. Yet, I had no idea where to even begin. My first foray into the CBD sphere was, and now regrettably, a product I found and purchased from a seller on Craigslist. I know, I know. Believe me, I really was clueless, and in my Lyme social circle, no one had a recommendation for me. But I knew that I wanted to try this option. No Bueno. Honestly, I think there was turpentine in it. I tried to take it a few times, but the taste was just so disgusting, I could barely gag it down.

From that point on, I realized, and the hard way, that I needed to invest in QUALITY. I continued my research and then recently, I was offered an opportunity to try out HoneyColony’s CBD Oil. I have tried this company’s products in the past, and I have not been disappointed. I jumped at the chance to try out their CBD Oil.

Quality CBD Oil!

HoneyColony’s CBD Hemp Oil is a blend of several ingredients, including Teasel root as well Astragalus Root. You can visit this page for a much more detailed list and explanation. I have tried both of these roots before in the past with some positive effects, but not at the same time and not as a part of a CBD Oil mix. When my product arrived, I was really excited to give it a shot!

I know some people may be hesitant to try CBD Oil as there is a lot of misinformation out there, including that it makes you “high.” However, according to HoneyColony, “Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the Cannabis plant and has no euphoric properties whatsoever. This formulation offers all the health benefits of CBD without the feeling of being high.” At no point of my using this product have I ever had a euphoric feeling or a feeling of being “high.”

The first stop I made before adding this product to my daily routine was at HoneyColony’s  13 Commonly Asked Questions about their Superior CBD Oil product ranging from ingredients to usage. Since this quality CBD oil is mixed with coconut oil (no weird ingredients in this product!), this oil has a very smooth taste. There is no aftertaste nor did it bother my throat or stomach. It is silky sweet and easy to administer.  I take just a drop in the morning and then one at night. While I haven’t necessarily seen a huge impact in the morning for myself (and mornings are so, so difficult for me), I have experienced an effect in the evening. While I struggle with getting up, the joint stiffness and fatigue, lately, I have really been having sleep issues. I can go to sleep, but then I tend to wake up 3-6 times a night. It’s been a serious hindrance in the past few months.

Bundles are available!

So I started taking a drop of oil about an hour before bedtime as suggested on the  13 Commonly Asked Questions page. This seems to help me relax enough to get to sleep. Recently, I have also started taking a drop when I wake up during the night. Doing this has been beneficial in helping me get back to sleep and to stay asleep throughout the night!

Look, HoneyColony products are top-quality products! Yes, the price is higher, but again, the QUALITY is worth every penny. I’ve tried enough other inferior CBD oil options to pay twice over what the cost of one of HoneyColony’s CDB bottles cost.  I’ve thrown away more that I care to share. And this bottle that I received about a month ago is still more than half full. I won’t go anywhere else in the future to purchase CBD Oil other than HoneyColony!

Happy Sunday, my friends. Take care – B

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Goats Galore: Wordless Wednesday 😍

Gratefully , last Thursday, I celebrated another trip around the sun. Today, my mom and I went to a nearby therapeutic farm to snuggle baby goats. It was an awesome birthday gift! I almost stole one of the babies. Too much cuteness!

Best birthday: Baby goat snuggling ❤️

Escaping Lyme – Memory #1

Into the mystic

Escaping Lyme – Memory #1

This is a post from a few years ago, but it takes me back. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wordless Wednesday

Creeping In

Overall, I’ve been happily semi- cautious about my health since this past summer. I mean, yes, I’m still chronically ill, but less on the ill side, I think.

JIC, since I haven’t mentioned it much, my situation briefly is: a decade ago after 3+ years of trying to figure out weird and seemingly unrelated health issues, I was finally correctly diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease. Lyme is spread by a tick bite. It’s a bacterial infection (although lots of other very nasty bacteria and viruses can be transmitted by ticks).  However, that’s been a battle in and of itself over the years.

Since I was sick for so long and not diagnosed correctly and not being treated, and then in  treatment for so long, I now have leftover issues both my doctors conclude (auto-immune stuff). The bacteria from Lyme is insipid, taking over anything and everything it can in the body.

One leftover issues at this point for me is recurring Epstein Barr virus and the other is Chronic Fatigue. There are a few more, but these two are the ones that cause the most trouble for me overall. Dang trouble makers!

I knew a few weeks ago that something was up. I’d been doing fairly well since the summer. Of course there were days here and there that I really struggled, but they were still manageable.

However, a few weeks ago my brain started having glitches. Familiar brain issues that had calmed down in the past few months back at ot. Lots of word loss and processing trouble were back, unfortunately. Short term memory issues also. No fun!

The brain issues seriously suck. It gets to a point in the day where I feel like my brain is hitting a brick wall and after that, I just can’t do thinking at all. I haven’t really had much of this for the past few months. But it’s back. Ugh.

The fatigue is also creeping in. Slowly, but methodically. I had to take Monday off from work. I just couldn’t manage it. I slept most of the day. I worried that I might not be able to go back to work. Last year. I had to take a medical leave right after winter break. I was out about 5 weeks. It was my first – and hopefully last- prolonged leave in the decade I’ve been doing this chronic illness life.

I’m back to work, and we’ll just have to take it day by day. You’d think by now I’d be used to this pace, used to the unpredictability, used to the ebb and flow of symptoms. And I am to some degree, but I’m also hard headed sometimes ,(husband would say most of the time) just trying to push through when I absolutely know that isn’t helping!

For now, I’m grateful that it’s not much worse (because, been there), that my family and colleagues are supportive, and that I have a few paid sick days left. One day at a time, one day at a time.

Take care, my friends!

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

The Dog Days of Summer -Meet LuAnn

Time to meet The Hound

The Dog Days of Summer -Meet LuAnn

LuAnn is still up to her antics 6 years later! TGIF!

Together: a Poem

My husband wrote this for me last night, so I thought I would share. I hope your Dr. King day is going well.

Are you lonely

   When the clouds hang low in the sky?

                  The moon is hidden

The silence cloaks the chaos of the day

I think of you

All the miles I traveled

                               The years of trials

                           Just to find you

Could it be

                    that perfection lies in the       imperfections

                    Of daily life?

            On this tiny plot of land

       We make our life day by day

Wondering if we matter

         Wondering if anything matters

          Wandering side by side

Through paths we can’t see or feel

Knowing that this is all there is.

      That   this    is all there ever will be.

This could be enough.

     This is enough.

And inside enough lies an ocean of freedom

Endless possibilities 

Even if every day seems the same

Within each struggle, something of value


Knowing all the while

Knowing we need to know

Knowing we can never comprehend 

Knowing the days are numbered

       Knowing we are one in billions

             Alone on this spinning rock 

Helplessly watching as it winds its way down



Through the oft traveled road of the universe

But in this random moment

                        Here we are


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