Is Boredom a State of Mind?


With so many things I can do with my time, I have quite honestly never been bored. Even in waiting rooms, hospitals, airports. I’ve always been an active person, so when I got sick or better yet, progressively became very sick, activities began dropping off to the point that my main activity now is work.

These past few years I’ve spent much of my time not at work in bed. Still, I could never say I have been bored. In pain, nauseated, yes. When first diagnosed, I really struggled to read anything more than a few sentences due to the severe brain fog and lack of concentration (many are diagnosed with ADD before Lyme disease).

I occupied ( occupy!) myself with reading a lot of blogs and news stories. I’ve listened to music. I’ve watched mucho Netflix. I’ve used my happy memories to escape from the present symptoms I might be experiencing.

I’ve never understood this idea of “being bored.” Do you? What kinds of things do you like to do to keep yourself occupied or if like me, to keep your mind occupied?

A good evening to you, friends – B

15 Comments on “Is Boredom a State of Mind?

  1. I’ve never understood it, either. I suspect when a person says he or she is bored they are telling us something about themselves, not about our shared world! It’s a state of mind — or mindlessness.

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  2. I think that maybe people who get bored are the people that were not in creative places as children. Like never really hat the chance to play creatively or something?

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  3. I think I have on rare occasions used rhe statement when feeling… lethargic, fedup, not quite myself. Maybe like the statement ‘I’m depressed’, it is often misused? Being bored should be describing a feeling of ‘I have nothing worthy to do’. Like you There is always many things that need to be done so maybe… We have not been truly bored.
    I am sad to read that you are unwell, but glad you are not bored. πŸ˜‡

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    • Hi Ellen, I hadn’t thought of this but great point! Almost like saying I’m fine, bu meaning something else or something with more nuances the word just doesn’t convey. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your input!

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  4. I love to read , walk, blog, I do love people watching plus there is always plenty to do with family and about the house. I think boredom is a state of mind. I hope you are as well as you can be right now. πŸ˜‰ xx

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    • Those are all wonderful activities. Maybe not being bored is a learned response? I just find the concept interesting, especially as a secondary teacher observing the effect of certain technology on young people.Thanks for coming by! Hope it is a great day for you as well. πŸ™‚

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