Month: January 2015

Weekend Reading

Originally posted on BookPeople:
? The (completely wonderful) Austin based small press, A Strange Object, launched their online magazine (Covered With Fur) this week!!! This is very exciting news. Check out their fiction, Are You Running Away?, by Bess Winter, and their not-fiction, Dear Albert, Dear Allison, by…

Agitation and Frustration

Hi out there! I sincerely don’t remember when I last posted so just in case, Happy New Year! I was sick through the holidays, and I finally kicked the crud after 3 weeks, a shot of antibiotics in the butt, and some more oral… Continue Reading “Agitation and Frustration”

Back to the Twelve Steps

Howdy out there, friends and a big Happy New Year! I can’t lie, it’s been a tough couple of weeks. Coming down with a cold on Christmas Eve and working itself into some kind of bronchitis, I am just now starting to resurface into… Continue Reading “Back to the Twelve Steps”

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